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February 02, 2007


mick the bruiser

whoa. this is good.


Truly inspiring.

jack the tripper

i think this could end up being the best part of vbs.


This is easily my favourite part of VBS so far. Hilarious. Can't wait for more episodes...

ben Manson

this is fucking great
soft focus has an aesethetic i can't get over

Caitlin Russell

hey vice don't let this shit get to your head, but good job.


this was great. long live soft focus


The cromags age of quarrel album was hands down the best hardcore album of all time. So what the fuck are these guys talking about? "ooooh, I dont want to read what people write about me because it might interfere with what i still have left to do, ooooohhh." Both the Ians are pathetic nerds but svenvonius is a total knob. Ronald Reagan isnt the prez anymore and hes completely lost. Jeez, I just cant wait for one on one with him and rollins.




The show is godd, but to be honest, I don't think Ian MacKaye has ever had to answer a difficult question in his life. I've never seen him actually have to defend anything he's said, or rather, proclaimed. I'd like to see him actually have to debate someone who disagrees with him, rather to see him fielding softballs from his middle aged cult following. He's a fat sacred cow who needs to be challenged.


it's strange watching this show because I think ian svenonius is ultimately more interesting than the guests he has lined up... 'cept genesis p. orridge I guess.


Hopefully if vice keeps going like this we can completly rebuild modern media. Fuck TV. This is fun.


congratulations: so far, so good. you made reference to billy childish in your interview with will oldham; is there any chance you could get him on the show?


Ian, as a communist, why are you working for Vice, a conservative enterprise?

Feel free to answer me.


i'd like to see ian svenonius interview himself. MORE SVENONIUS!!!!!!!!


Thank you for finally giving the music world a venue for intelligent commentary and dialouge. It's nice to see a series of artists who have actually made a difference in the music industry and CONTINUE to put out good, intelligent music!
Down with Top 40!!! Up with Soft Focus!!!!


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