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March 15, 2007


gold digger

Edgar is pure gold!

art francia

The materials used in gold extraction process are pretty nasty under the best of conditions but VBS nailed the DIY approach. Can't believe there really is a town called El Dorado.

Dr. Deville

It really is a very beautiful font. Faded gold face with a deep black drop shadow. You should consider it for your headstone.

I am concerned by the anamorph below the "R" tho. What is it, a yellow cup with blue coffee? Or a "Jugos"?

Thomas Pressler

El Dorado looks to be one of the worst places on earth and the travels of VBS' Trace Crutchfield remind me of the PJ O'Rourke book, "Holidays in Hell." Take a real vacation dude. You deserve it.

Jane Wunderlich

I went to highschool with Trace in texas and I've never heard of him turning down anything. So it's easy to imagine him gellefully rolling like a king is some south american whorehouse. you can't teach and old dog...

fuzer seañez

wow! its impresive how all these guys live in such conditions and yet have that hapiness in their faces. i cant imagine all the things you learned while making this documentary...props fuzer


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