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May 31, 2007



no that its here i dont know what to do.


fucking ripp nasty brahhh

Mike De Camp

Hey Pat. Jerry. Thanks for sharing guys. The two of you are pretty much on the top of skate industry right now. Seize the opportunities. Pat, your show is incredible, so good. Jerry, you are the best, keep on progressing. Have you invented any tricks?? Something new in the trick book. Congrads on the new sponsors, and your wheels are very dope. thanks again.
When do we see Epicly Barletta??


Yes! A Hsupisode!
I've really enjoid Areyouok's skate style, photographs and overall personality (epic interview quotes). So it's really cool seeing this footage about him and where he came from.
I look forward to the next episode and "200 Troubled Teenagers" tonight. Keep up the great work. Much respect. Thanks Patrick & Jerry. :D


I wonder what his parents do for living. Also I think it's crazy how he can switch between speaking English and Chinese.

kids that are raised from birth speaking 2 languages can switch between 2 languages without even noticing it, and wont notice a difference if you switch in mid sentence by the age of 8.....
epic shit


ive already seen the second one

Part to link, links to the first jerry video of his bails from bag of suck. where is the new video!

episode two just links to the slams episode!?


do an epi[S]od[EA]bout him. i k[N]ow youre not reading this [SH]it and [E]ven i[F] you do, you just dont give a [F]uck what p[E]ople want to see but thats subliminal message to make [Y]ou think it would be epic.cheers.

Part 2 Lame.


This show is absolutely excellent - miraculous that anything to do with Vice should have soul. Keep it up.

Epicly Tim Von Werne? Now there's a story...


Why must you torture us patrick with a bonus repeat! Whhhy?!

Saying that it is amazing footage.


if you watch the first one and let it carry on you see the actual second episode not the slams.


the Part 2 links are right now

MJ said exactly the same shit about Alex Olson

Dj Wool

This show makes my week...every week...
Hsu has been my favorite skater for a while now.....Thanks Patrick...



hso hstoked for the legit part 2.


my idol! i love the guys approach to life. seriously epic episode!


This show is really well made. Patrick, you are a hero to skate nerds. The only thing that got close to capturing what this show does was ON Video, and that's dead and gone, so keep it up.

By the way, once enough of these are made, you should make a DVD with a bunch of episodes on it, I'd buy it.


best episode yet. thanks.

the song is the single

Does anyone know what kind of camera he used for the photo of the bloody drunk guy?

dirk diggler.

when will pat do an episode on greco or boulala?


Jerry Hsu is nasty,sick,raw and that's all there is to be said.

Tim O'Connor or good ol' Louie absolutely HAS to be done.

Marc Johnson is mentally dead

I'm sorry, but it gets very exhausting to listen to Marc Johnson's pseudo psychology and social analysis. Didn't we hear enough of his ludicrous banter in the Hot Chocolate Tour? "I have this idea that if you think it you can do it" (by the way, this is a repeat statement from the lessed watched "Modus Operandi" video). What a moron?! Are you kidding me? This is Marc Johnson's life in a nutshell: a great skater who for some odd reason feels that his limited intelligence is actually not so limited, so he can spew out these horribly uninspiring mini-lectures on life. It's like he's a high school kid who just read "Catcher in the Rye" and thinks he understands it, but doesn't have a clue. i'm sorry Marc, you are funny, but not very intelligent. And for those who think you are, i'm sure they too are on a similarly bland mental playing field.


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