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July 12, 2007


O'Dell rules

Wow, I knew Tim O'Connor was crazy but...

Honestly I like it!

i didn't know tim o'connor was racist. that sucks. i heard a ton of people say he was an asshole but i never cared he rips but racist. i'm not down for that. fuck you tim.


simply amazing. without Tim there is no fun.

viceroy lives

what tim lacks in much needed attention (his mother and father...or the skateboard industry didn't give him), he makes up for in sensationalistic banter. some may think its funny...sure, and he is VERY funny to those who are on the same one(-way) track thinking of him.

its the south park effect: if you can't be funny anymore, draw attention to yourself by pushing the envelope of social tact or merely breach the apex of morale.

someone should roast O'Connor; a washed-up has-been that hasn't had a (decent) video part in years (or a video part, for that matter) but reinvented himself by negatively scrutinizing everyone in the industry.

Tim, stick to skateboarding and close your mouth. With the first picture in mind, you're bound to catch a bad one.


Everyone needs to lighten up. The industry has gotten SO serious that they can't even show a lot of the funny things he says cause they'll get in trouble. Bullshit! This is what skating has become?

Tim O'Connor is hardly a racist because he said Darrel Stanton was black. I'm sure he's probably friends with some of these dudes. If you can't sit back and back fun of yourself (and in this case what you represent) then you can't make fun of anyone else. Skating has turned into this crazy, hipster, fashionista crap and props to Tim for calling mother fuckers like Garrett Hill, Muska, and Corey Duffel out on it. I think all those dudes rip and I look up to them, but seriously... black and red jeans? black AND white hair? c'mon, quit kidding yourself.

Everyone is all upset cause he's making fun of their favorite skaters, but seriously, just chill out and take from it what it's supposed to be, humor.


You guys are over-reacting. It was more or less an insult to the industry and skate culture than the skaters them selves, insulting the add layouts and clothes trends of now-a-days. Tim has great style , can skate anything and has a personality of a comedian. Lay down on the boy.


AWWWW- everyone is a fucking baby. viceroy lives- south park is entertaining cause it is creatively written. tim o'conner is fucking awesome. Shake it up tim. Piss all these babys off.
i hope he talk shit about Sheckler in part 2- fuck that kid.

A to the mutha fuckin K

well Tim obviously is making this much controversy which wether its good or bad attention he's got yours. for the people who hate your just gettin your self worked up over nothin, if you dont like something ignore it, if you think tims shit is funny as hell, well then its because you know he's right.


y'all are fucking crazy for calling tim o racist. i've known this dude for over a decade and that shit isn't even on his radar. that comment up above is probably some northwest crunchy motherfucker applying his ultra-PC/never-had-any-interaction-with-an-actual-black-person bullshit to how tim's heckling in that first pic is racist. god come onnnnn. get off your high horse with that shit until you've lived in the northeast or the south and actually made a "black friend." idiots

serial swiller

i definately think tim should be a regular fixture here. dude's fucking sick.


This only works if he goes at everyone, which he clearly does. Some people will laugh at his rips on Duffel, and some people will laugh at his rips on muska. Point is it's all fun and shouldn't be taken seriously.


this is awesome. personally, I like garrett hill and all those guys, but tim's fuckin funny.


well at least the baker team hasn't appeared in this episode yet. For as much as effort o'dell puts in to making his bro's appear like the ultimate acheivment in not giving a fuck and being too cool to care, its disappointing that Tim O'conner is being censored here. Rest in peace BILL HICKS! (from ATX)


dude is classic. probably had to edit out when he makes fun of Greco. He should be a regular contributor. Mix in some skating of his before the set is over.


o'dell you started a war... haaha this shit is funny.


o'dell you started a war... haaha this shit is funny.

John Henry West

Put the censored stuff in there! No pro would sue over slander as it would make them look like the biggest pussy in the universe(which would hurt their board sales). ok? do it.

it's pretty pathetic when stuff like this is seen as "controversial". let the mouth roll.

Rainbow Sanji

Intentional tourettes. I love this guy and so should you. Go eat a pound of bacon and start loving life.

Tom Thumb

Tim o...same trick diffent day:)


Hah..he just says the stuff I'm thinking. I've been rolling for 20+ years, and whenever I pick up a mag, I'm just utterly confused at the kookiness that abounds.

Meat pipe pants and bandanas? What the hell?


Bullshit!, Im glad someone finally had the balls to call people out on how ridiculous theyre making skateboarding look. I mean come on, Im more then positive that half the shit (and I mean shit in a good way) Tim said has already been said by other pros. You just dont see or hear them say it publicly like we see Tim doing it hear. Props to Tim O and to O'Dell for having him on his show.

Big Bro

Thats why Im bummed big brother mag went away, it would call all these fools out. Now people are getting away with all kinds of shit (pants that are 2 diffrent colors) Big Brother would of had ripped him a new asshole for that shit! Tim rules!


now you hit my heart string by talking about big brother- when they went under, they took criticism with them- skating needs more shit talking.

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