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August 16, 2007


Jerry Hsu

thats my boi


Great show good old O´dell! When is it time for my second episode though?


This show rules so hard. I only wish I'd done better on mine.

Andrew Reynolds

I'm gay.


odell thanks for keeping skating
somewhat alright


He's the BOMB!

chris cole

umm..... im the best skater in the world!!! :)

jason dill

will someone tidy my room for me please

jason dill

i lost my keys about a week ago and have absolutely no idea where they are.


he seems like a pretty good guy. no matter how many times i see it i love watching the noseblunt on clipper.

velibor jankovic

that's right i put my real name.....and rattray pwnSZZ

Fuck the Scots!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck the South-East? Stu Graham is one fucking ugly nobhead.


it says 3rd episode at the end, and then it doesn't come on. whats up?

dropout james

scotland is the best, go raith rovers!

Billy Kahn

Years ago, I had just gotten that old Blueprint video, and got so psyched on Rattray's part and all... Later that day, I went to Kinko's to copy some stuff and when I opened up the machine it still had an ID and a credit card in it. I looked at the name on them and it said John Rattray. I thought, there's no fucking way. Damn! How rad is that. I looked around and he was on his way back to grab them. Seemed like he was just getting to the states to come up. Way to go dude. Forever ripping, one of my favorites.

rell hell

why is john so boring? stu saying snowboard faggots made it


I love john ratray. Hey Andrew, we should ask him out!


Stu Graham

should have his own show.


guid guid!!!!!


This show is too good, and how does it get better?


Let's do a Scottish Canada Tour. John,Stu, Colin Kennedy,Div,Benson and ????


The Rattray part was great. Now give Stu a full interview!! How can you not like that guy? Impossible.


fucking stu grraham rules..


Rattray is a rad but Stu Graham even more so – he's so iconic. I once saw him in a park in Dundee, it was like skating with something out of Lord of The Rings: Part ogre, part warlock, totally shit-faced...he's a legend. Kinda sad that he has to put a downer on it at the end calling snowboarders "faggots". That's just not in any way cool, or acceptable. It's bigoted.


ryan sheckler is worse than a snowboarding faggot ...anyone remember the ccs cover with him dressed up as santa doing the melon over the x-mas tree? wonder if hhis manager mom set that one up

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