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August 30, 2007


Chad Carlson

Hell Yes, I like it...

PS... are you doin all the SKATE characters now?

Please do an interview of Sean Sheffey.

cool shit o'dell!


Sheffey, Cardiel, Julien, Rene Rene, D Way, Sheckler haha, Jason Lee, Lee Ralph, Mullen & Guy. That's my wishlist right there...

le gin

I see, now that you've got corporate sponsorship by the way of EA, you have to do all the characters in SKATE. cool...


imma go with sheff too.

bring it!


duffy rules. I think antwuan dixon might satisfy your question as far as coming out of nowhere with a sick video part.


Nice to see a Duffy episode! After seeing Sal Barbier in there it would be cool to see a Sal episode.....oh yeah, and Marc Johnson and Julien Stranger and Dennis Buznits and Gino Ianucci.

knock it off with these fucking requests

How much does EA pay you to do all the EA SKATE guys? I mean they are all cool, but there are tons of other people that you probably could do instead.


rode the storm


hey man you should do an episode on chris cole or ali boulala

i got it

do a mike ternasky interview next. that guy sounds cool as fuck. do it with danny way as back up


no, you do not got it. Mike ternasky is deceased, seeing as how you just watched this episode, that should not come as a suprise.


very cool duffy episodes! some of the best yet!

mr. E

Do one on Smolik, he totally deserves an episode.

old man

do one on Julien Stranger....

or Sheffey, that shit would rock.....

John Reeves....

Some many that would be an awesome episode.


we need to see carroll and howard episodes...come on! i dare you!


PJ LAdd is another one that came out of nowhere and rocked the kasbah..!

how about a tino razo show?! or a shut skates show!

Kien Lieu

Do a Donger episode?!!


Come on, make a Busenitz or Carroll episode!


So Carrol, TK, R.Smith, McKay, P-Rod, Ali, Dyrdek, PJ Ladd and Chalmers are coming next episodes?
(This is rest of the EA list.)
I hope you will get down with a real crew soon, like the Baker boys.... Flip would be sick!


i forgot to say that the Duffy episode was great!


i didnt really like this one but a carrol episode would be awesome

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