top heavey

i can't wait to see the hot package ass action!


why do unattractive , outta shape hetero dudes with zero charm or charisma think that anyone would wanna pay to see their pasty jiggly asses is beyond me.
everything about this guy screams insecure , friendless suburban LOSER still living in his parents basement. he probably spends his days eating hot pockets while tell girls how depressed he is on msn.
funny how bad he wants to tag himself a "hipster". i thought one had to be HIP in order to qualify?


are you fucking kidding me ? This guy's the biggest retard since the guy with the Earth Crisis tattoos all over his face.

Kitty Play Records


Apparently hipsters don’t have calendars, because if they did maybe they would have realized that this past Saturday was April Fools day. What started as a little prank on my friends via myspace and the Threeoneg Records message board ended up being a “Vice sponsored” event, and I use that term VERY loosely.

It has always been a joke between my friend David Friggle and I that when we are tight for cash, “there’s always stripping”. We have both been on stage in our underwear, and I’ve been nude in public before, but stripping publicly was never really something I would consider. Male stripping is just really fuckin silly. Maybe that’s why this all worked.

So a few days before April Fool’s day I wrote up a fake post to direct people to a DUMBO office building that would most likely be locked (I used to work in it, on the 7th floor) and tell them I would stripping there. I figured I’d take this joke as far as I could, and boy how far I got. Hell at one point, I was getting so much attention over this that David himself asked if this was going to be a secret show.

AT NO TIME, was I in contact with or trying to get Vice magazine to post about the event. The post I wrote about the stripping rehearsal is 100% made up. As I was messaging back and forth with people I got all these ideas that if this event was to take place, and rehearsal was to happen, I’d like it to go down like this, these are the insecure feelings I may experience if I went through this, etc. I wanted people to think it might have legitimately happened, while still making it extremely humorous. I really did not want to waste more than an hour or two a day corresponding with people about this event and making up “diary accounts” and those few hours led to tons of laughs between me and my friends.

I really have to thank anyone who posted with the unprovoked malice, ignorance, and the support needed to draw enough attention that “kings of cool” Vice picked up the story and reposted it on the main page of their site. As one of my friends put it “I love how this gag really brings out the true asshole in all this hipster douche bag trash”.

I have no idea why people would think this is anything more than an April Fools joke to the max. But as Dave put it, “man you do have a reputation for being a dirty sex fiend.”



Shut the fuck up Mark, your desire for attention is clear to everyone who's not fully retarded. You suck - everyone thinks you should commit suicide ( including your own parents ).

Please vanish.

just a guy

What a great gag... it's funny how seriously these hipsters take themselves. Lighten up, douchebags.


i love you mark! get naked anytime... starting with my birthday???

ffxiv gil

Shut the fuck up Mark, your desire for attention is clear to everyone who's not fully retarded. You suck - everyone thinks you should commit suicide ( including your own parents ).

Health News

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