ah you almost tricked me! but this is totaly The Vice Guide to Making Sure you Never get Laid by That Girl Again, right? right?

lady maracas

what the fuck I'm a girl and i couldn't even finish reading this bullshit! who the fuck wrote this- who did they write it for?! Goddammit this guy talks to girls FUCK HIM! This IS a joke? This is a joke, ha ha fuckface w/ no taste.


They're just pushing their own acts. Thinly-veiled, at that.


seems pretty good to me im making one for a girl right now and totally forgot about the undertones good call

Sky McDougal

Girls read VICE?? Awesome


thats a good ass babyshambles song, one of the 2 known to man, the other being Gang of Gin

If I was the girl you fucked twice and you made this for me, I'd take a shower to scrub you off me and I would never talk to you again. Knobhead.

just terrible.

I love this list

but i can't find a lot of those songs. What's the Diamond Nights one really called? ANd who's the idiot that said it's a thinly veiled shill? As far as I can see The Streets is the only vice artist on that list.
It's true that girls are rarely music snobs and when they're cleaning up the house and dancing around they just want to hear the hits. They also will play the same song ten times in a row.

bad taste

You know it's B.S. when U2 shows up.


Other songs good for a chick mix =
THE CLASH - this is england
THE ZOMBIES - this will be our year
DONOVAN - catch the wind
DURAN DURAN - girls on film
THE SKIDS - into the valley

They also love MISS THING and MIA

Space Cowboy

The Diamond NIghts song is called "Saturday Fantastic - Space Cowboy remix." I made it and didn't give it to anyone. How the fuck did you get it?

eddie van halen

if you really want to impress your girlfriend, start a band and write songs for her

mix cd's only work for a little while and they always backfire because of the dilemma described in the first paragraph

if your girlfriend doesn't like your band or the song, don't worry, rock stars are chick magnets, you'll have a hundred girlfriends in no time

Greg T

Your Mix sucks fucking ass, VICE. And you tore apart that dude who submitted a mix with his resume. both of your mixes suck. bitches.


I am a girl and I would love a guy to give this to me. When ever boys make me a mix it sounds like they made it for themselves or they wanted to impress me by being weird. These are songs that I would actually like (though I've never heard of The Sonics or Black Lips).


what about a foreign tune? like ta douleur?

this list is biased. its clearly for the alternative woman. what about others that appreciate backstreet boys and blink 182?.... wait, those girls are fucked. forget what i said.

Nice one NY

Terrible. Truly terrible.
I thought the whole idea of mixtapes for girls was to come on too strong to test the waters, either she'll think you're a psycho or she'll be so into you that she'll let you stick it in her bum. Potentially both.
Way to, "maintain our level of friendship without crossing the boundaries and making shit all weird between us".

U.R. Lame

'22 Grand Job' by The Rakes and Statik is a Bloc Party chorus with a grime MC doing the verses. Think about that...


wait to work the babyshambles in there. chicks dig pete doherty for reasons no man will ever understand. i'd maybe even let the dude who wrote this stick it in my bum. wait..i would, but i only because i roll like that. what about modest mouse though? they have the hard and soft, just the way girls like it. truckers atlas? it's long and fantabulous to screw to.


man, fuck you.

you dumb twat

What the fuck is this!? I'm truly outraged. This is the most limp-dicked, Hi-Fidelity, no girl you've fucked could possibly care playlist I've ever seen. In fact the idea that you need a playlist after you've fucked her twice - or need one at all - is suspect. You give mix CDs in highschool. Maybe the first two years of college. After that, she picks her own shit and you, if you're a record nerd, simply fill in the blank spaces with random nerdery that she will approve of. None of this OC bullshit. Make a mix you can fuck to. This is some laundry day bullshit she should already have covered.


mixs shoud only be 4 songs maximum.


fuck you, vice. you championed this whole ironic subculture, spent too much time off the dancefloor making fun of people's outfits and drinking shitty beer, drinking it ironically, and now you're all by yourself fucking trying to spot the next hot new band before it even fucking forms, so you can say you knew them when nobody went to their "shows". fucking chuck-taylor wearing cocksuckers.
time to take some drugs and get out on the dancefloor and quit trying to be so goddamn cool, because this is the pitiful end result. A bunch of thirtysomething assholes calling each other "girls" and "boys", pouting, and spending a lot of time trying to come up with a creative outfit from the goddamn salvation army. you know what would be really creative right now? If you instituted a mandatory business-casual dress code at the Vice offices and all you sorry fucks started wearing loose khakis from Banana Republic and stretch poplin button-downs.

Poof alert

This mix is for your homo lover

Kim Kim

Such vitrol. I guess it's because men post on the internet more than women do. I think this mix rules and the things they say about us are kinda true. i do like Jane's Addiction still.

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