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sweet jebus


talk about elephantitis!

how does one walk with two swinging grapefruit between your legs?


he must issue like a camel.


Shouldn't this guy be fighting monster trucks or something instead of, I don't know, attending Green Day concerts (wearing their shirt no less)?


yeh i had a friend who had a bf with ginormous balls, i would have been jealous if it was his shaft instead


what in the fuck causes this to happen?

I've seen bigger, though.

unless those are au naturel, in which case, DAMN

You got to have big ball to be a Green Day fan, anyway...


Can you imagine how small his dick must look compared to those nuts?


$10 says he can never sit down first try

It almost looks like he has four balls. If he showed the wang, ...it woulda looked like 5.

Mr. Pink



see heres a DO

Rocco the Beast

He should jack off more.. Or at least get laid?


just thinking about the surgery neccessary to drain those suckers makes me cringe

godspeed, guy, godspeed

ps: doesn't anyone remember Dookie? I know I was a little mislead when I was really young, but still that album cover was great.


You got to have big ball to be a Green Day fan, anyway...hahahahahaha good call


I'd drain them for him. i'd try and put both those suckers in my mouth-at once! YUM!


all balls no brains


ahaha religious nuts.
poor guy.
he should have braved the hairy palms.


Excuse me, there's a hot and shameful wank I should be attending to RIGHT NOW.

And I thought MY balls were big. His are bigger than ripe limes. Imagine them parked on the bridge of your nose after a jog!

kate can i have ur number

Little pillow

I agree with Kate... All balls no brain!

My opinion: Disgusting!

kate are u related to Mick Jagger?
That's on big teabag


i had that they're called hydrocules

Nicholas Gazin

Imagine if he hit you in the head with that bag. He could knock you off balance for sure.

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