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fuck that, I want in. a room full of babes fingering themselves? sounds like paradise


Not even San Francisco is that gay--that's a kind of gay only Europe is capable of pulling off. Go fuck yourself, London!


I doubt babes are to be found, seahags: maybe, ditchpigs: more than likely, but babes? that's a negative, ghostrider

Fuck you whatevs

The masturbate-athon originated in San Francisco you fucking yankee pig


holy shit, you're right. way to reappropriate our fair city's gayest embarassment for yourselves, London!

Bunch of Wankers!

lady k.

holy fuck, what walking colostemy bag came up with this fucking fiasco? you just know it's gonna be a collection of all the lesbian don'ts types, thinking, "finally, i can share my clit with the world." (plus maybe a couple really wierd voyeur old dudes.) tuck it back in bitches, tuck it back in. i don't need that shit replacing the whale in my nightmares.


British chicks especially ones from London, are Ugly as herpes....

note the capital U

Hugh G. Wreckshun

Hey, ok this mass debate athon is fucked up, but come on can we stop with the London abuse. It's a few fucking perverts you have them everywhere! There are soooooooooooooo many fit babes in london, and a lot less fat asses (like in er...... AMERICA!)


Nothing wrong with Fat asses

there is everything wrong with fat arses!

americans repulse me


I think this is a great idea, and I think it'll raise a lot for charity, what with everyone in/from/around London being wankers.

Melissa Jo

I think that u make fun of the people that will participate in this because u r all ashamed of what u were born with. and 2 the doood who said Americans repulse him,... get the fuck outta the country then!

melissa jo i dont live in the US der that would be silly


Wow... not much love here between limeys and yank pigs. Hell... been to both... there are some good examples of hot bizatches in both... so get over the drama and get laid...

btw - wankathon? ick... i keep that limited to Palmela and her 5 sisters. :)


british chicks are hot and london is full of hot ladies from all around the world. i get a boner every day walking to walk on the strand.


I think we've imported enough stupid yankie ideas aready.......but this goes a bit to far.


This is an unimaginative way to raise awareness for HIV. Get a fucking proper job you cunts, go work for a real charity that does real work.


But if there was a chance to see girls slipping fingers up thier slippery slits, then yes, I would be in.

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