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That looks appalling

in a good way?


gay against you shows are total carnage

they smashed it in the Vice room @ TDK


the reason why nobody goes to yr pub (that's why u keep advertising it here every day, right?) is that you guys let the worst people in the world do nites there. look above. every single night is a just some kids playing indie shite with a couple of electro records, with maybe the odd eminem or pink record too. nobody wants to see that. especially now you are charging for this.

i go and its always rammed FACT

Gay Against You were fucking amazing

OLB is alaways rammed, think the reason they advertise it is because the floor was fixed so they had to close it for a bit

mountain jew

every surface in the bar was sticky. i know cos i had socks on. someone broke my teeth also. i might be able to get them sorted on the nhs though cos i am on minimum wage.

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