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Music for people who hate ears.


No its not insanely popular over the world. Vice, you are complete fuckwits.

If someone other than they guy who made this cacophony likes it, then that makes it insanely popular.


Ravers are fucking idiots.


breakcore is dead


what a witty little page

All this shit sounds like what Squarepusher was doing ten years ago, (and he was mostly just ripping of jungle) it's so fucking dated it hurts. I bet in ten years time all these goons will be buying playstations on ebay and making "grimecore".
Check out Johnny Dark, at least he's got as far as 2step now.


honestly breakcore scene (and music actually,)
fucking sucks save for the venetian snares, aphex twin(ish) and pendulum.
the rest are dirty faggy angry kids and a-rythmic seizure beats.


Tawny you are a prick.

Pendulum? Breakcore? no.

get your facts straight nobshine

bet you are a facking yank

Sniff me knicks

Shitmat makes badman breakcore that doesn't take itself too serious, unlike that cunt Snaresy. He's a miserable fucker who has only ever shagged dreadlocked goth ravers.

I saw him in Manchester and both Scotch Egg and Henry Collins wiped the floor with him.

Shout to Johnny dark, wikid producer. Bringin 2-step back!! hah


i can't tell if anybody's comments about this are just based on not really knowing much or if they're trying to be funny.


cripes, that looks/sounds unappealing.



Breakcore is for people who have been cornholed too many times at raves. Learn how to breakdance here: http://www.evolutionsyndicate.com/breakdance.php


nathan barley has been resurrected
sugarape magazine or wot?


atari teenage riot

mr. right

dudes, you guys are missing out on the comedy side of breakcore. venetian snares' winnipeg is a frozen shithole was a fucking hilarious album, and shitmat et al have all produced songs of ecstatic giggleworthyness. jason forrest is also a bag of fun party vibes that has nothing to do with dreadlocks and chokers and nailpolish. pretty much everyone on cock rock disco has got the recipe right

mr minimal

Let's have a little bit of style back in dance music...please.

Less is more.

it's all about rap


more is more


My cat's breath smells of catfood.

norm mcdonald

Everyone knows CocoRosie is the premier breakcore duo. Duh.


breakcores good stuff, yeah it's a bit all over the shop sometimes but it's all just part of the fun. Sure guys like rephlex etc etc have been doin mashed up jungle stuff ages ago but it's still a fun style to play with.

whats a good haircut anyway

breakcore was over before shitmat came out but ya know somehow it's still here .. kinda like hiphop, jungle, dnb, electro, and countless indie bands that all sound like each other. so this marks the begining of its .. what .. 3rd revival

nice one vice for picking up on a scene like 5 years after it was big .. real leading fucking edge.

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