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kat von d pre-tattoos?

She looks like she's freezing


sounds pretty cool.


"They make music with machines and each other" sounds like a euphemism for utterly depraved sex.

The music isn't bad. I like their distortion tones.


Oh, that Wiley you've got on there is pretty weak... dude hasn't done much since the first album.

(btw for all you dorks, www.barefiles.com for the real London shit)


yeah, it sounds pretty cool. whats with all the reverb though.


I have masturbated to that photo of Alexie a total of six time already and my lust is still not exhausted. Boeckner's ugly mug isn't even enough to put me off.

Fry Guy

They sound like a Lo-Fi version of The Kills... I agree on the Spankability of Alexei (who the fuck is named Alexei, anyways... question answered)...


not really sure why dan boekner insists on aping all of his more talented bandmate spencer's moves. go see wp sometime and watch this idiot try to pretend it's his band.


allright, that's a little harsh. dan does fine for himself and is a decent songwriter. the 'spirit of competition' he maintains his bandmate and him maintain seems a little silly sometimes.


Actually doesnt Spencer write almost all the songs? Dan is definetly talented - Shine a Light is my fav Wolf Parade song ... I enjoyed watching the handsome furs open for Modest Mouse a lot too. Cant wait for the cd

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