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so does mr. capper really believe in that freemason conspiracy shit or did he do it for laughs? i have to admit some of those freemason/illuminati theories are kind of convincing.

Look out the Ivory Coast's Coupé Décaléi in the launch issue of Vice France.


there was already a doc about the swenkas.
fuck the illumaniti


You use the word "gloat" in this post. Websters defines that word as "thinking about something with triumphant or malicious delight." It says think not brag about it. Are there any English majors out there who know how to use the word correctly?

chinks mcgee

are you really arguing about semantics? who are you? yawny mcboring from noonegivesafucksville, usa?

Alex Jones

I rarely do not comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great article!!

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