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i am looking forward to seeing Charlotte's Web myself...xoxoxo


BRUTAL> Sign me up.


Caught the premiere in LA Saturday. Lynch is as inspired and inspirational as ever. Dennis Hopper sat in front of me, but not for the whole film. Mark Ruffalo asked an incredibly dumb question, blathering on about "how do you come up with your ideas?" and what not. My jaw slacked for a coma moment. Then it was over.


this will be the REAL best film of the year. mark my words!!!


Lynch is a golden god and i want his baby

i bet weed would help every thirty minutes with this movie!

isn't lynch famous for doing movies like this? i mean this is his bag! why is everyone so surprised by this..."Lynch took the dreamier parts of Eraserhead, all the Black Lodge sequences from Twin Peaks, and the scary second half of Mulholland Drive and then cranked them up to ten."

the part that made me sad, was the three hour length! alas there is no cure to a long movie. i bet weed would help every thirty minutes with this movie!


Fuck yeah.

I'll be seeing this, probably a couple of times. You're in good hands with this guy.


weed helps every thirty minutes of mostly any movie

Scott Baio

David Lynch is an Eagle Scout.

this sounds so deep i won't even be able to take it. deep, man. makes me feel less dumb if it's intentionally obscure.

cunsie bradlestein

this is the best book on lynch by a country mile, she understands and communicates his dream logic/vision/whatever beautifully:


I read this book in its entirety one day and night while cramming to write a last minute essay for a film theory class, while already being an huge fan but not really understanding why. that night I had the most lucid dreams I've ever had, like I was talking to my brain directly through dream characters. lynch shows real darkness which I think I agree is the purest way to find real light, risky though. thanks for the preview


this movie was boring as shit and not scary at all

cunsie bradlestein

but you didn't watch it. you watched Happy Feet with your girlfriend and then went home cooked for her and then ate and ate rinse and repeated for 50 years and then died


I remember the first time I watched a David Lynch movie, Wild at Heart. I had to stop it to go out and smoke because it would get so intense. Been a fan ever since and can not wait to see this one.

Saw this movie premier in New York, and saw David Lynch talk about it. The man is brilliant, I think its his best work thus far. However I do think that it will have a smaller audience who will appreciate his endeavor.

janie jones

which beck song is used?


The Beck song is Black Tambourine. It's a little bit of an odd choice, but not as jarring as the review makes it out to be. This is the best movie I have ever seen. Period.


hahah love the comment by cunsie bradlestein, so so true, i've met so many narrow-minded people like that. can't wait to see the film


No, the 'Black Tamborine' usage totally took me out of the movie for the 3 minutes it played. Yucks. It's like..SCARYSCARYSCARY...oh...Beck. Um...sure. Lynch...likes Beck? Ok. SCARYSCARY calm Nina Simone dance off.

And Justin Theroux looking damn hot also took me out of the movie.

It's the best movie of the year. Yes'm.

johannesburg cruyff

black tamborine is emblematic awful beck song... I like a couple of the sad songs from mutations and sea change but I can't think of any precedent of such a bad jaunty IPOD commerical type thing being in a lynch movie. beck is such a herb. spike jonze, beck, all those type of LA guys are herbs. they're all scientologist too, in varying degrees of awareness and proclamation.
watch Wild At Heart or Straight Story in 30 years, it'll still resonate in a hundred years. saw Being John Malcovich again a few months back and it came across precious airless and sneeringly unpleasant all told - the kind of forced eccentricity and bitterness of a nerd. I like Kaufman when michel Gondry directs the scripts, if he had made Adaptation and Being john malcovich I think they'd be better movies.
beastie boys were far better before they got involved with Jonze. Jonze went out with Sofia Coppola enough said. and his music videos suck too, compare him with chris cunningham or gondry again, or the new guy who does the klaxons vids and all Jonze's shit comes off very Wacky 90's. beck is Wacky 90's to a T, why people still take him seriously after finding out he's a scientologist, who the hell knows


HElooooo!!! Lucky i didn't fully read to the end, because you should have put SPOILER ALERT, somewhere in there retard!

Scott Baio

I think there were a lot of overly-inflated/overly-hyped directors in the 90's. Gondry, Jonze, Coppola, Kaufman, and Lynch all fit into that statement in some respects. So do P.T. Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, and probably Wes Anderson, as time will tell. I was thinking about P.T. Anderson the other night and wondering if anyone will actually be watching Boogie Nights in 10 years, much less Magnolia or Punch Drunk Love. In the 90's, if you were young and cynical, then that made you "edgey," and then people put up money for your work, but I feel like a lot of films from that time period, only got made because they had that shock value backing them up. I already find that rewatching some of those films is disappointing, because they had shock value, but little else behind them. Good film gets better each time you view it.


shut up knobhead.

PT A is rad.


Ah, look at you all, so desperate to be different, trying so hard to look 10 times smarter than you are.

Look at your comments. Are you discussing how great the film is? Its references, its subtexts, its style?


You're all saying how OMG David Lynch is teh bestest!!!!111. You know nothing, you don't understand the work and it's time for you to stop watching smart people's films in an effort to make us think you are one.

Scott Baio

Hey Niggie, my scrotum has a "subtext," when it's slapping you in the mouth.

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