what the fuck is this  shittt?

GUYS. This is obviously an advertisement.


Yes. It is an Ad. Very keenly observed. i think i got that when it said "Purchase and download the tracks with your credit/debit card"

miles michaud

Black Lips are the best band in the world right now, and I say that with complete confidence. I saw them last weekend two nights in a row here in LA and they blew my face off. I got bloodied and beaten and kicked out for throwing glasses and my ears rang for the next two days, no kidding. It was the best two shows I've ever been to. Buy these songs, and buy their Bomp! records.


oh no, Vice is advertising a band that's on their label?@! Somebody call mediawatch quick!

Uncle Scrooge's Blunder Buss From The Boer War

my friend wants to know how do you get tickets for one of the last three shows?

ooh sirius (clannad album) though, are these guys good or is this another Vue? or another Japanther (uggggg
or another A.R.E. Weapons? or another Vietnam? or another The Stills? or another (goes on forever))


never say black lips are just another "vue".

black lips are god.

midnight special

they defy gravity!

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