dr strangelove

Oh.. you mean racist like Vice? :)


racist. undeserved sense of entitlement.whiney. quick to anger. im pretty sick of quebec. and im french


I personally respect the right of the Quebecois (or any people for that matter) to be "racist", to be xenophobic, or to attempt to influence the composition of their communities through freedom of association and interaction.

That said, the case of Quebec and the less than tolerant views of its inhabitants ought to be instructive. The denizens of Quebec have been encouraged for more than a quarter century to form homogenous cultures, linguistically and culturally isolated from the dominant culture. (Ever try watching French CBC TV? Language aside, it's incomprehensible to anyone not from Quebec.)

It should hardly be surprising that encouraging a people to live apart--rather than partaking in the patriotism and sense of "oneness" that naturally leads to national cohesion--might just lead to a people, and a culture, adamant in its desire to stay separate.

The notion of institutional multiculturalism has its genesis in the Canada government's official policies in Quebec dating back to Trudeau. Multiculturalism in Quebec has wrought a people and a culture disconnected from the mainstream, intolerence of outsiders, and produced a vote that came within less than a single percentage point of allowing Quebec to secede.

If multiculturalism has been an abject failure in Quebec, and given that it was applied to a people at least ostensibly similar to Anglo Canadians in many ways--Caucasian; of European ancestry; sharing a Christian heritage (differences in Catholicism and Protestantism notwithstanding)--what will the effects of multiculturalism be in another quarter century when applied to people of starkly contrasting races, religions, and traditions?

you're so full of shit.

you're so full of shit.


les anglais will eat your babies


Quebec's situation probably helps to breed racism because they've been trying to protect their culture from the English for so long. I don't know if Quebec will ever make peace with the rest of Canada or consider any other culture/language in Canada worthy of being protected besides their own.

Alva Gingras

I'm french a canadian leaning towards P.E.T.'s national unity visions and I recently discovered I was racist through recent events, (including those polls) but mostly because I discovered I'm not cool with the already unreasonnable accomodation we are giving, not to race but to cutlures.

Cote-St-Luc hassidic jews won't be adressed by female cops, our DMV will now accomodate muslims that don't want to be tested by women and now they are pushing for polygamy and special holiday advantages ! Well color me racist and hear this: I don't want them to make my country like theirs because then i'll be forced to do like they did and leave it!


"I don't want them to make my country like theirs because then i'll be forced to do like they did and leave it!" (posted earlier by Alva)

Ask any Anglophone who left MTL in the 70s and 80s why they had to leave a city in their own country, and they'll have similar things to say.

I agree with Alva that some of the unreasonable accomodations are indeed unreasonable, but it's no reason to turn back the clock and revert to the "be like us or leave" argument that drove thousands of English speaking people, born and bred in MTL, to leave because of aggressive nationalism.


i live in montreal and i hate french people so much because they are all fucking racist pieces of shit


Alva, I don't think you're racist for not putting up with sexism in other cultures


Yo Stevos come in my hood bicth. Your fucked.


Nous avons vecus en Patriotes, nous mourrons en Patriotes

Pierre Laflambeur

FLQ = Fuck Le Quebecois

name game

dude I was in Quebec the other day and I was treated with nothing but love. my name is Jerry Lewis

Vive Le Quebec Livre (the one called Lie To Me about nursex being notty)


From an outsider point of view, it might look like québécois are all racist but they are not.

In Ontario, they rejected the use of the sharia by the muslim community. Ontarians, are they racist? No, not at all. They just reaffirmed that in Canada, canadian laws are the only option available.

Here in Quebec, when a minority ask for something (except for the montrealers, sadly), they have it. An employee of the jewish hospital was fired because his lunch wasn't "kosher". Or they allowed someone to bring a knife at school. Even tho it is a religious one, it is still a knife! We fought for generations to have laicity and we would like the immigrants to respect our choice.

The case of Herouxville is only in response of those facts. The medias are trying to distort the reality by saying "oh well, it is just an ignorant guy living in the wood who wrote about something he doesnt know". In fact, mr. Drouin who wrote the "normes de vie" lived in Saudi Arabia and worked in other countries. He had to change his habits in order to "fit" more in his welcoming country. Why couldn't it be the same in Canada?

I did the same when I learned arabic in Jordan or when I travelled outside Canada. I respected their customs. This debate is just a question of respect.


bla bla bla...pompe moi l'esti d'dart!! quebecois are racists!! quebecois are not racists!! were so much better the quebecois...quebecois are so good!! you ALL suck big balls!! no non really you ALL really suck with you're little opinions and shit!! please all go die somewhere!!

I currently live in Vancouver, BC. I'm a lesbian, who for various reasons has been having alot of discussions lately in regards to how people, especially the Queer Community out here, deals with our "Isms."

When I was a university student at Concordia University in Montreal (15 years ago), I sat in on some discussions in People of Color Workshops (I'm white, english canadian.) Eventually the discussion seemed to always return to the difference between "English Canadian Style Racism," and "French Canadian Style Racism."

"French Canadian Racism," they would say, was more like American Style. It was in your face, blunt, open, "OUT," for the world to see.

"English Canadian Style Racism," was the opposite. In English Canada everyone was so damn polite and appearences of "correctness," of the highest importance. The racism was still there, one knew they weren't getting the jobs, weren't being invited to the parties, were being discriminated against, but, there was never anything outright said, and although there were actions, it was much harder to prove or get people to acknowledge that racism was the cause. People were unfailing polite, smiling to your face while the knife of racism was being stabbed into your back.

Time and time again, these people in the workshop would say that if they had to choose between the two styles of Racism, they preferred...the French Canadian Style. Because it was OUT, it was open. It was acknowledged as happening. One could identify it, organize and mobilize against it, create specific targeted education platforms, etc. Change wasn't just possible, it was...probable.

Change in English Canada was much less probable, simply because...you can't change what you can't talk about. It's alot harder to fight racism, ((and any other isms)) when they are in the closet. anding if all the white people are saying, "Racism? It's not an issue."

British Columbia is the most "English," of all English Canadian Provinces. Part of Olde English Colonialist Culture, is a Culture of the Closet. All our little uglies, our secret thoughts, our dislikes, ignorances, fears and yes hatreds, anything that causes us the littlest degree of anxiety, any issue that may create *GASP* Conflict, that might show our differences to each other, is...placed in the closet.

"It's not an issue," we say. "Thank God WE don't SAY those things." "Look at how Racist the French Canadians are. Look at how Predjudice in regards to all the 'Isms,' look at how improper, inappropriate, incorrect they be..."

English Ontario-ians,many times they can't deal with the culture out here, they use labels such as "Exclusive. Snobby. False. Superficial. They 'Don't Care,' they aren't willing to act, they aren't willing to dialogue, they aren't willing to...change."

You can't change what you can't talk about. You can't fight racism if it's in the closet. You can't fight transphobia or biphobia or Ablism either.

There is much that is wonderful about BC, about Vancouver, about my Queer Community and yet...I long for Quebecois. I long to be close to a people who wear everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, fearlessly, on their sleeves for the world to see. I long for a culture where a small community will right up a list for new immigrants, where that happens and the discussion, the debate, the shear...dialogue and growth and connection that happens, through the willingness to show the tears, the anger, the confusion, the fears, the ignorance...within.

For every act of racism in quebec, you can find an Israeli and a Palastinian sitting down and talking, for example. You can find an act of Inclusion. I honor the gift that the French Canadians have given to to my birth province, ONtario. Without being as close to Quebec as they are, let me tell you, your culture would be alot more Exclusive, alot more fearful, alot more...closeted.

Their gift is their willingness to speak what we think allowing all of us the opportunity to dialogue, to talk and through talking acknowlege our differences, face the conflicts and develop...trust. Inclusion

Look. Look at the discussion happening in regards to racism because of the actions of that one small town. Discussions such as that, they never happen here. I long for these type of discussions. Even in my queer community, there has been a return to Closeting behavior. Transphobia and Biphobia not to mention Ablism and Classism, and certainly racism are rampant here and yet, noone...TALKS about it.
Everyone says, "No. That's not an issue." And those of us who do raise the issue, our characters are attacked, we have our voices silenced or we are socially ostracized. ((unless we have a certain amount of 'status.'))

Whites hang with whites, gays with gays, chinese with chinese, disabled with disabled, rich with rich, etc. There are Insiders and Outsiders. Everyone is so unfailingly polite...but trust is low. People are always watching their backs and nothing, nothing seems to ever produce anything but the most superficial of...change.

You can't change, what you can't talk about. Thank God for the French Canadians, whose culture forces us English Canadians to dialogue about things we'd rather just shove into the closet, deny and avoid.


Quiet Revolution depends on which side of the bombings you stood on. The hypocrites that indulge on the French Right Wing “Pure Wool” Charisma and Democratic Quiet Revolution, have failed in their history classes, because they were either too young to understand what was happening or too busy planting booby trapped explosives in English neighborhood schools, and mail boxes, and businesses. No, not all French Qeubeckers used the terror tactics of the FLQ, but all of the FLQ Cuban exiled murderers returned to Quebec and joined the “pure wool” PQ’s right in the late 70’s. That is the democratic process the separatist would have you soon forget. But if you lived in Westmount in the late 60’s, like most Anglophone’s and Jew’s did, the bomb blasts still ring quite clearly, the blood and cold blooded killings of innocent people, still live vividly in their dreams. The Anglo communities left Montreal in groves in the late 60’s and 70’s, to the tune of about 1 million innocent citizens, that did not want to embark into a bloody civil war. They left a financial void behind them that would dwarf a black hole. Quebec fell into a financial abyss for 25 years, until Quebec’s Montreal re-emerged from being the Canadian Financial Capital, to Canada’s Province in need of Handouts. Oh but more to come…. As American Corporation now commenced their penetration of the Quebec so called “FREE” Market, the bombs returned, seven McDonalds and 3 Second Cup outlets from 1999 to 2001, by the same ex-FLQ members that were set free by the PQ government. Thank God English Canadians are better than that, because the last time I checked, Quebec’s jewel called Bombardier was failing because of the French administration and not English “quiet revolution” bombs. Maybe a few more bombs and racial discrimination will give the “pure wool” Quebeckers their “Winning” democratic conditions. Minority groups now only represent less than 17% of Quebec’s pure wool population, yet the demographics of the police force, government and municipal employees don’t even come close to 2%. How’s that for your Quebec democracy. Please don’t shoot the Anglo-Quebecker, the facts are available on the internet, for all of Canada to remember. My father’s only crime was being an Anglo-Montrealer and owning a manufacturing plant. For that he was rewarded with death threats for bringing jobs to Quebec. And the government rewarded him with an Anglo-Tax for refusing to take up arms. You can’t handle the truth…..


yo le black c'est le smack


I find it quite ironic that the province that most wishes to leave the Canadian federation is also the one which has stayed most true to Canada's traditional culture and roots.

As for this article: what is in fact 'culturalism' is being wrongly labeled as 'racism'. And you know what? I don't fault Quebecers for wanting to preserve their culture. Why should we condemn Quebecers for celebrating and protecting their own culture, while encouraging immigrants to do exactly that.

Aren't the immigrants who are absolutely unwilling to integrate being just as close-minded and confrontational as the quebecois? And yet we applaud the immigrants while villainising the Quebecers ... strange. Quebecois do take it too far sometimes ... but then again, so do some of the immigrants. Am I the only one who sees it this way?! Or maybe I'm just racist.


i think people are talking about "integration" when what they really mean is "assimilation". Not "can't we all just get along" but "can't we all just be the same".
so fucking tired of the quebecois attitude and embarrassed to say that i was born there.
this argument of "pure wool quebeckers" is so ridiculous it's like going back 300 years to when so-called native americans (americans born of british immigrants) were fighting against italian and irish immigrants for rights to land they stole anyway. fuck.

all french canadians living in quebec are racist piece of shit. all the fucking old people there, all the fucking people in the 40s, 50s are all fucking racist. fuck the french and fuck you too


I wonder, as a muslim man, what is the cause of the M. Drouin's comments and lists of rules that were written by him. Why would he automatically assume that all muslims stone their women, when they come to this country as a safe haven from discrimination, freedom of religion and diversity. Theydon't judge anybody, but rather attempts to get to know the canadian culture so they can fit in. Do anyone of you quebecois know what it feels like to bee new in a country where it is hard to learn the english or french language. And then comments like arise, making all of us doubt the multiculturism that is in this country and make us all doubt the reasons why we came to this country. I ask you all this question, what is the big problem with accomodating the new comers to canad, rather than persecuting them for things that they haven't done. I also would like to tell you all that you were so easy to accept gays and lesbians and by's, which I have no problems with, but the question remains what is you guy's problem and why is it so hard to accept other cultures and religions.


lol someone said they hate french people cause they're racist... hmmm... that's a little hipicritical!

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