lolez! is u tryn to do insyde jk? coz it suxors.

dude below me is listening to too much hip hop and heavy metal

stephen hawking

nigga fuck yo couch, that's me in that fuckin shuttle, not your wank-ass hipster friend


There is a band which began in the 1970s in northern Britain called 'The Fall.' The singer is named Mark E. Smith. After decades of amphetamine and alcohol use, Mark E. Smith has become old and has attained a peculiar facial physiognomy, mostly from his absence of teeth. However, he continues to have a band called 'The Fall.'

Vice Magazine staff, by likening the appearance of physicist Stephen Hawking to that of Mark E. Smith of the band 'The Fall,' has produced a humorous article for their website.

As if that were not enough, they have created a pun by incorporating the word 'fall' into the title of their article. This is by way of a double entendre: Free-fall is often used to refer to a state of zero gravity, but also, as you will remember, Mark E. Smith's band is called "The Fall."

The Number 100,000

whoa whoa, you guys actively promote The Stills and Black Party and you got the gall to hide behind some Iraqi kid to call the Fall boring. come on son, come on hand

it's a funny joke but things get better with a little bit of spaz a ma tazz. AND Mark's new wife is all about Dr. Snuggles. her name is Franca Poulen, she is The Darkness's Frankie Poulain in drag which means yer homophobes

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