I dunno

I don't think changing the sprites to unintelligible blocks constitutes art considering 14 year olds have been making Nude Zelda and KKK Mario hacks since 2001.

I'd have to see other stuff before I could condone this.


"Mario gets stoned and lonely and ponders" sounds absolutely RIVETING, but the roffley text in the screengrab makes it at least YouTube-tolerable.

alajandrez mccuster

somebody's ripping Corey Archangel off.

i smell an art lawsuit.


My mates band's new video. All 8-Bit styles, pretty cool, this dude might like it. Or perhaps some of you. It's at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snoRbbXYXF0 Made by Nige Ward, http://www.willworkforfood.co.nz


"When we were exhibiting our first shows, if we said it was new media art or computer art, no one cared. But if we called it video art, using the computer game as a readymade, then they'd love it."

You mean like if you call certain beat-orientated music "electronica" instead of "Dance music" it sounds more credible to the indie hipster croud even though its exactly the same thing?

nicky poo

he made mario into a square? that sucks


"somebody's ripping Corey Archangel off.

i smell an art lawsuit."

someone is dumb. i can smell someone dropping science.

paul and cory shared a dorm room at college. paul taught cory how to hack nintendos. they made a lot of collaborative work together in their collective BEIGE. they now make work together, apart and with other people. and indeed both paul and cory will admit that they were not the first ever to hack nintendo carts, that it is easy, and are both happy to teach people how to do it.

p.s. it's cory arcangel. or do you mean corey archangel that fat guy from minnesota who is famous for winning the capri-son challenge?

mark martelli

Yeah I was about ot say the same as lektrogirl. Looks like you Vice readers put more time into your clever insults than reading the article or doing research on the artist/subject in question. Have any of you guys actually heard anything off of Beige Records or seen the post data site? Do you know what paperrad is?

I think this is the point when you pull up your 10Deep brand socks and stroke your stubble chin, push your horn-rimmed glasses up your nose, get defensive and make it clear that you're soo hip and withit that you don't have ot know anything about a subject before you talk shit cause you're so intuitive like that.

gutted I can't see the show. Still hoping Paul puts out that Planet-Mu release in the near future! Respeck.

Ken Barlow

Bet he cannie draw eh with like a pencil and paper an that. Still i guess he's gettin paid fo that shite.

What a fucker.

Ken Barlow

"mark martelli"

What a fucker.

Richard Cross

Just saw the show and was really impressed. The "square" Mario piece is an old one (2000) that predates any other NES hack/art I've ever seen. The compression video piece had really nice decompositions/fragmentations and the new NES hack was quite cheeky. Well done.

Sudoku Print Puzzles

The NES reminds me of good memories. I wish I were there.

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