Let me be the first to say.. what the FUCK?


oh right, like you wouldn't fuck the girls if you were the cult leader...

jesus 2.2.1

ha ha, he totally fucked them.


Only a self-indulged douche uses a capital 'M' when saying My. What a shit bag.

tom t

so lemme get this straight, god wants his son to lay with naked female children, then pre-pubescant children want to have sex with him, so he must oblige or else god will ask someone other than his own son to do his will?
where do i sign up?

tom t

that's a joke if you didnt catch my facetiousness

dr strangelove

Oh this is Epic-ly Rich... This dude had got some holy swollen feelings and what delusions of grandeur! Wow! You know he has 'administered' to his virgins plenty a times.. You know he's got the 'stink finger' BAD! Plus, he keeps coming back to your 'abomination' of a website to shore up his ego.. Yeah, way to go Jezus V2! Nice try. Say.. those are pretty nice sandals! I wonder do you shit in a hole like they did in 2000 BC too?

Love it.


the truth is, god did get someone else... now they're doing 12-15 and get regularly reamed in the showers.

laura bush

he zoinked them alright. ALL RIGHT!

mr. rational

a double portion of the holy spirit! does that shit come with fries? i'm dying to know, does jesus do it missionary when he's coming all over a girl with his god come? ain't nobody do me like jesus! if it would be possible, i'd love to hear some testimonials from the ladies (hot ladies of the cult cum clean!) describing what it was like to "lie down with daddy!" i guess you'll be in prison for the rapture, eh mike? too bad. make sure you ask for a cell with a view so you can enjoy the show. i think you'll find you have a visiting room full of vice readers on nov 2, laughing at your silly ass. whattya say team, road trip? i hear pedophiles get treated really well in prison, so you should do fine, pal.
ps. don't try that 'i am jesus' shit on those big mexican convicts. they hate it when people fuck with their religion. you might get shanked in a very uncomfortable place. you horny devil!

laura bush


Growing up Mike was a crazy boy dreamer, visioning and always crazy about sleeping naked in godless rape with uneducated emotionally stunted young baby girls. In a way Jim Jones and David Koresh were better because at least they killed their victims fast while Jesus II make them rub his pee pee till they get raped by A Friend Of The Family

Love, A Friend Of The Family

Dan Brown

Arooooooooooo the ladies are minging. I think Mike is actually just a senile old fart hippeee with a pot sozzled and acid scarred personality abortion so he lets these ugly little troll cunts suck his pamphlet money dry and run roughshod over his farm. He’s a victim – a refuge for girls who are so hideous and dog snout penetrated and socially named jerry jerry that they’ve formed a coven of never sit a babyface babysitters club that you’d wouldn’t let into your house to suck the shit from your distended spicy piri piri sprinkled dildo colon let alone wack off your kids. Hell knows their parents didn’t want these easily led little stepford zombs - they too dowdy for scientology and too country for prostitution and Mike ends up whipped by his 12 apostles of ones… Its warming to the inside of my ass and the back of my walls thinking about the clusterfuck shit draping urine sluicing thru his teeth two left feet in his ass with horned nails wriggling up in his ass that must go on at night in the beddd

Secret Rapture

My inaugural address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions! The Secret Rapture soon, by my hand!
Read My Inaugural Address
My Site=http://www.angelfire.com/crazy/spaceman

Michael Travesser

Yes, this is exactly what happened. What do you mean, "come clean." This is old news. I posted it last year. I have never denied this. I denied that there was sex, and I denied that the girls saw me naked.

But even so, as I said, there was no sex involved, or anything close to it. Those who hate me (and there are many of those), would like the world to believe there was sex, so that they might make me out a criminal, as everything was construed to make Jesus a criminal. A criminal does not publish his activities and make them public as I have done. But I wrote some of this information myself, just as stated here. The "virgins" wrote most of the 50 pages given you.

I would say this however. Whoever sent this personal information (50 pages) to Vice, most of it written by the girls themselves, is pretty low and vile. In those pages the girls exposed their most intimate connection with God's instructions to their hearts. Much of it is allegorical. But all you can do is construe it from the dark side, in which you live. I think I know who it was that betrayed these girls, but these young ladies who were carrying out God's instructions to them, are betrayed by this person who sent Vice these papers from them.

Don't all people deserve a little privacy especially from those who do not understand what is written or why? The one who sent this material even hides behind a bogus name, or no name. Sending you this material, some of which was written by an underaged girl, might even be construed as slander, since it is being construed into something other than what it was. We have not hidden, and the girls surely were not hidden in all of those 50 pages. We just believe that some things are considered personal. We have kept NO secrets at all. If this were a secret it sure would not have been written out for everyone to read. Don't you have some personal things that you do not trumpet all over the earth? Would you like someone doing this to your children making the world believe something other than what was actually on your child's heart? Vice, you have some responsibility in this. You cannot escape your own culpability. You accuse me of being indecent, while it is actually you, and those who feed you personal information that was the girl's own business who are indecent. This person even betrayed the heart of the minors who were then requesting these things from me, by God's own instructions to them. These things were never my idea, but God's idea in them, and I truly believe one reason was to expose you. Your own corruptions are the glasses you wear when viewing what these little ones did. I was only instructed to let them fulfill their requests. God never gave me to be sexual. It was never on me to go that way.

But Jesus said and says to this person who sent this material to you, "When I was daily with you (previous member) in the temple, you stretched forth no hands against me (even though you knew everything about me): but this is your hour, and the power of darkness." Luke 22:53.

I wonder what this little wretched soul was thinking all of those years when she was sitting in my congregation knowing all about me. She sang with us and gave her testimony and believed everything. Now suddenly everything has changed for her. Her own personal life has turned very wretched, and I am sure the Vicites would just love her now. She is just your kind of "lady." If what I did was wrong, why then did she not trumpet it then? Self interest is a terrible deceiver.

I truly feel sorry for this wretched little soul and for Vice. It is truly your time of darkness. It is evident, you have lost your heart and soul. A dog has more natural decency.

One of His Virgins

Our Messiah Friend is HERE
He has come the final time
But so many souls won't let Him near
His Words of Life they refuse to hear

He is my Life, and my only Way,
My Harbor and my Stay,
To some others He is a rock
They trip and fall and mock

They cannot see God's Son
And all that He has done
Because through their own eyes they look
And see themselves — a crook

He would have gathered You in His cleft
But you insisted on being left
So He turns away His eyes
And will leave you to your lies

God retreats His hand from earth
And draws His people home
Soon earth will be consumed in flames
As they'll realize they have lost the game

mr. rational

you're digging your own grave a little deeper every time you post, mikey-boy. i almost feel sorry for you. you are clearly suffering from a messianic complex to beat 'em all and this has led you to fuck children. at least i'm pretty sure that's what you just admitted to. does anyone else think that what he's written here is basically a confession of statutory rape? oh i know you didn't find it SEXUAL, jesus, but if you stuck your little dinky in a 14 year old, you are in fact a pedophile who should be in jail - that's how we see it out here in reality. whether or not god told you to do it or whether or not those silly girls thought they were "going all the way with god," is entirely irrelevant in the eyes of society, by which you will be judged. you said, "I was only instructed to let them fulfill their requests." and their requests were for some sort of sex, were they not? sounds like some kiddie diddling to me, mike. sounds like you're going to jail, hopefully in part because of what you've written here. shit, maybe some of us vice readers are in for a reward (information leading to the successful prosecution of ... etc.) for baiting you into admitting your filthy sins. i think i'll spend my reward money on a nice trip to thailand. kidding!
p.s. "one of his virgins," can i get your number? some people say i look like jesus ...

mr. rational

pps. travesser, don't care about the crimes of our world? guess you won't care about a big, angry prison cock in your ass either. enjoy!

Michael Travesser

rational: What is it about "no sex" that you do not understand. You truly must be totally perverted. Is all you do is molest children? It seems so by how much you talk about it. You are simply demon possessed and your internal buddies are having a field day with you. What kind of porno sites do you visit? Do you spend all your time on child porno? Seems so. Nobody stuck anything in anyone. Why don't you put your real name and picture on this site so we can all see who this perverted soul is? Why are you hiding?

Michael Travesser


The moon shines red as the blood of the dead
The lights of the night are failing
When all who have chosen their own courses instead
Their voices are heard in the darkness with wailing.

The shining sun refuses its light
While all the rivers flow upstream
The springs of water flow back in their sight
Nothing imagined in their wildest dream.

Dark clouds clashing over bloody seas
The waves and the winds roaring
They know not for what they please
Confusion everywhere, the people imploring.

The cities crumble in the flames of terror
Hopes and their dreams no longer soaring
All hearts tremble for the fears of their error
Denying their part in nature's scoring.

Portents are revealed in all places and spaces
But all eyes blind, ears stopped to their teaching
The people awaken, famine seen on their faces
Truth that comes in this night, never reaching.

The signs in the heavens no one knows or hears
Yet Messiah comes to His settle place
Virgins, His word wait, kept o'er the years
The city came down and has filled its space.

Michael stands, and the dragon flees
For hiding places down deep in the earth
Armageddon gathers the hosts of its trees
Far and wide they come to His birth.

The rivers are dried, there is no place to hide
For the way is prepared for the Kings of the east
The four winds are loosed, the terrors abide
All men are gathered to the Lord and His feast.

Michael stands up, the trumpet is blown
The nations awake denying His name
All stand judged by His presence alone
Men who are humble or men who have fame.

Judging God for the Son He has given
For the light He has already shown
Multitudes now in the vale of decision
Many lay dying, many unknown.

The hosts of heaven see and know
and are content to lie in His bed
From the places of rain and the places of snow
All are awake, the judgment brings dread.

They kiss the Son, or hide under a rock
The great city divided in parts
Judging themselves as they stand in their shock
They did not know Him, down deep in their hearts.

The Father Himself asks the people to look
And see from the Son if their soul will reprieve
By the judgment they place on the One they forsook
For He came in a way that they did not believe.

Michael Travesser

Truth Seeker

Oh my goodness, pardon me.

mr. rational

mikey mikey mikey,
people who refer to themselves in the third person are, without exception, boring and egotistical cunts. and apparently bad, bad poets as well.
the no sex part. well, here's the part i don't understand. you say no sex happened in one breath and then say shit like, it was god's will for me to do as these girls asked (to go all the way with god!). i don't know what going all the way means to you. in fact, i don't care. you were frolicking around naked with 14 and 15 year old girls you dirty old fuck and you are a pedophile, whether you fucked them or not. and this reverse psychology game you play of calling me a pedophile because i call you one is pretty pathetic. this sort of simpleton's mind game may work on the infantile, biddable and lost people you associate with, but not with me. the last time i was naked with a 15 year old girl, i was 15. sorry to burst you bubble there, god-boy. did you have a troubled youth? not get laid as a young lad? stay fixated on the young poontang, did you?
if you want to know who i am, answer me this: what are you doing on nov. 2nd? i'll tell you who i am, where i live, how to find me. you can come over to my house on nov. 2nd and explain to me why the rapture failed to show up. i'm not hiding anything, certainly not from a silly old man like you.
also, if you hate me so much, why don't you just strike me down? you are god, aren't you? all powerful and all that bullshit? well, here's your chance. show all those naughty vice readers your stuff. scare those deviants straight into jesus! send a big lightning bolt up my ass and blast me to pieces. i'm waiting ...
one more thing. why do you keep coming back? do you like the abuse? on your website, some weeks ago, you claimed that the world would never hear from you again. then, last week on this very website you said once more that you would not be heard from again. why do you lie to us, jesus? you can't stay away, can you? like to get your nose rubbed in it like a little piggy? maybe you should leave the children alone and try some s&m with some big bitch beating your ass raw. maybe a little discipline is just what the doctor ordered.
send more poetry! pissing myself with mirth.

mr. rational

ps. that's MR. rational to you, pal.

wunder bra

dude I'm totally JAMMING to these lyrics!

agent coop

Mr. rational you are taking this waaaay too seriously man. it's like, after you're done with it, don't sit in the bathroom talking to the toilet on and on. just pump a dump and go bro

Michael Travesser

Okay MR. Rational, I will answer your questions and also call you MR as you request. I think it fits. First I would like to challenge you, since you seem so willing. I am willing too. I would be very satisfied to meet you at the local FBI office. I would submit to a full investigation and you would submit to a full investigation. MR rational, you are a child molester. I can prove it. The sewer that you spew onto this blog is easily accessed by any 10 year-old girl. I would also like to see Vice investigated for child pornography in that this site is not protected from minors. There is no 18 year old access page, but any minor is subject to your sewer mouth. This is molestation and you are doing it MR hiding-under-a-rock. I would like the FBI to investigate your computer records and see if you ever access porno sites, or child porno sites. They are sure free to check mine. It seems that your browser history would be full if it, since that is all you talk about. Or do you make sure and clear your browser history so no one will know? This may seem like an idle threat from me, but the last time rumors were manufactured by the dead, I invited the FBI to come and investigate here. I called them myself. They spent half a day. They brought child services out, and they all went home in the afternoon. I happen to like the FBI, for they are far more of a gentleman than you. I would cooperate with them anytime.

Oh, I see now MR. You admit to frolicking around with a 15 year old. Did you have sex with her? So you admit here to having sex with a minor? No, I did not have sex the girls that I knew when I was growing up. I could not bring myself to do that to a girl. It would violate her person. Girls were honorable to me, and not a play thing as you have made them. But now I understand why you are so disgusting. It is because you are.

Again, you don't read and you don't understand. What are you making out of November 2? I have made nothing of it. I have never made anything of it. What about November 7 or 10 or 15? What about December 10? You have one gigantic imagination and you claim that I have one. Well, the FBI has investigated my imagination, so how about you? Truly, I would like them to investigate Vice for making your vile sewer accessible to 10 year old girls. Now that you admit to having played with minor girls in the naked, and probably more, I would think that Vice is somewhat responsible for your child pornography on this web site.

You accuse me of not keeping my word. That's right, when molesting minors goes down the tube, change the subject. Now we will talk about this other thing. I am not posting on the other threads. I said my piece. But this is a new thread with new information and I answered it. When I feel it is sufficiently answered I will not speak again on this thread either, but Vice seems to relish the thought of getting itself deeper into the responsibility of this, maybe calling child pornography "free speech." It's not. Your words on this blog are pure, verbal, child porn.

My statement of not hearing from me again had to do with my Web site and intercession. I am not posting any longer, for I have closed the site of intercession that I had. Intercession is history. It's too late to save the people for they are set. They like it like they have it, right? Am I wrong about that? Can you still repent? But I can assure you that you will be hearing from me again in ways that I will not now mention, but it will help the fire burn.

I would say MR rational, it would be good for you to get your facts straight before you vomit your ideas here for 10 year old girls to read. You are a polluter and a molester. You have even admitted to it when you were 15. Don't hide behind your age. When I was 15 I was still me and when you were 15 you were still you. You didn't marry the girl, so it was just what it was. So MR hiding-behind-your-no-name, this issue is not going away until you stop molesting children. VICE, you may very well put a block to minors on your mag as long as this no-name posts here. This isn't funny.

NO MR, I have never frolicked around with 14 or 15 year olds.

Finally, you seem to stumble over "going all the way with God." You put your spin on it. You put your own frolicking around with a 15 year old girl on it. I know I am wasting my breath, but you asked, so I will say it. Going all the way with God is having God come into you and then living there in you. You become pregnant with the Michael Child. This is in the Spirit. Jesus said, “I do not pray for these only, but also for those who believe in me through their word, that they may all be ONE; even as You, Father, are IN me, and I IN YOU, that they also may be IN us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory which You have given me I have given to them, that they may be ONE even as We are ONE, I IN them and You IN me, that they may become perfectly ONE, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as You have loved me." John 17:20-23.

Jesus was saying here that he was praying that everyone would be just like him. Remember the Spirit impregnated Mary and Jesus came out. When the Spirit impregnates us, the Christ comes out. We are as Christ, because we are impregnated as Mary was impregnated by the Spirit. Well MR, you asked. Yes, the soul is intimate with God. God comes in and lives. This is what happened to me. God came into me and He stayed in me. The Michael Child was born in me. He has done that with everyone who has invited Him into them, going all the way with God.

Most people who call themselves Christians don't go all the way with God. They only do a pretend going all the way. They hold hands or go on a date, but a true Christian goes all the way with Him. HE COMES INTO THEM AND THEY GET PREGNANT!!!!! WITH HIM. This is what the biblical marriage of the Lamb is about. It is a marriage, where people marry God and become pregnant with the CHILD (Christ). This is in the Spirit and they become one with the Spirit. Paul said this: "But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you."

This is why the devil has made so much out of sex and pornography. It is to make it impossible for mankind to see the truth of God's marriage. He makes it into sex and flesh as you have done. He converts everything out of the Spirit and into the flesh so that it becomes foolish or offensive. The devil wants you dead, and it seems that he is having pretty good luck getting you there. Of course, it is how you want it, for "he that sins against me wrongs his own soul: all they that hate me love death." Proverbs 8:36.

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