Remy Ma is so dirty. She could eat me alive and I'd enjoy it.


This guy's work is soooo whack, but it's nice too.


The Jay Z and Lil Wayne cover is dope-ass.


This shit is stupid.

"Hey, Mr. Kaos, can you depict me portraying every negative stereotype of the black community? All on one page... And it'd be real nice to put some $100 bills in there too."



lil wayne is everywhere, when are black people going to learn the


they need to stop shooting each other and start shooting white people


kidding of course


"hey mr kaos.... can you depict me"

whoever wrote this has no clue fuck off be pc somewhere else mixtape covers are not youre issue...you probably have never copped one..smh and this cat should thank his holy stars that hes not reworking the new testament cover.keep christanity at home.


Miami Kaos is one of the dopest artists in the world. I say, fuck what you hear other people say...give the man his props!!! He's good. He deserves it. F"u"ck anyone who thinks otherwise. "To Kaos... do you homie...tell these d!ck rotten fagats to eat a D!CK straight up!"



yo cal!!whats up cuz? man fuck these people saying - shit.i dont understand how can somebody sit and shit on something somebody did and they not doing shit there self.keep doing what you do and let them punks stay on the corner.

imksp1zzle364 aka chris

yo calvin u have come a long way since we use to draw together in each others living room im on ur heels though im coming out with my own shit
ink spizzle aka chris from 131 back in the day vix1 prism the pheonix crew


Calvin you are incredible and always have been!I am in aw with your work. -MeShe


how can you say its wack but nice too
thats just dumb
dont care if you think hes shit but you cant talk both ways lol
in my opinion he does the best mixtapes
hes more creative and has great

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