Something new, please

That is a pretty sweet beard.

I can't believe that dude is only 23. He must've been one of those guys who had a moustache in grade school.


I can't grow a beard. It looks patchy.

Mr Business

I saw this dude at a Brewers game two weeks ago and I said to my girlfriend "Man he looks young, I wonder if that dude competes in the World Beard & Mustache Championsip?" Guess I got my answers.



i wish every article forever was this one. it makes you feel good.

Pyotr Mansbridge

I can't believe they got Jesus to MC the ceremony this year. What a get!

comments are for kids with flus

oh man steve zhan made it out this year!


If you cannot grow a beard, you are not a man! Kill yourself NOW!!!

senior M

a beard is a very important , exquisit , manly , part of man.
letting grow it and taking care of it , feeling proud of it and even playing different styles on it its a thing to admire .
this guys makes me feel happy to be a man.
even though mine is quite poor.

charys ellmer

glad you guys enjoyed the article. have to say going to that championship was one of the strangest most surreal but utterly brilliant experiences of my life. and youve got to love a guy with a beard. i was swooning.

Todd Huffman

I started training a few months ago for the beard competition. Not in time for this year, but the next one. I've started logging my progress. http://www.flickr.com/photos/oddwick/1361409199/

Beards are absolutely awesome. I remember the first time I saw a picture of the Freestyle event. It was a transcendental moment.


Thats fantastic x great interview and love the photo x damn my sister for getting married on that day!!! x


The title picture should be the cover of the next issue


I think I'm a pogonophile! I had no idea there was a name for this obsession... I completely blame all of the westerns I watched when I was little.

Drake Whalterson

Fortunately I've been aware of this annual competition for quite some time now, and even though it was refreshing to read this article (I only wish there were more photographs), I must confess a desire I've kept secret since the days I was a tyke sitting on me papi's lap. Of the top three occupations I wished existed, Smelling Beards would be one of them. I would work for very little money at a chance to smell the beards presented at this competition. I am not lying to you. Hard as it is, when I see a grown man with a beard I struggle NOT to approach him with hopes of catching the scent of all the mysteries within that thicket of hair. I'm sure this might be categorized as a personal fetish (and I disagree), but I can only explain this as being an innate feeling inside me. Something that reminds me of my childhood. And it's the different aromas I imagine emanating from beards of all sizes (especially these pictured here) that keeps me dreaming a better life.

And yes, I don't have a beard myself. They itch way too much.


If I could rock the 'stache like Sam Elliot, I definitely would. But my moustache is weak. Yahweh! Why has thou forsaken me!


Agreed! Sam Elliot was my first moustache love, but my pogonophilia has to be traced straight back to Kenny Rogers - when it was that gorgeous, luxuriant, thick, straight-hair beard, not the severely manicured one he got in the 90s. My husband has got a pretty impressive beard now, and even though it's kinda wiry, I love it! Well done to Jack, and well done to the guy coronating him in the photo - he's got the gorgeous locks to go with his lovely beard. HOT!

Check this interview from like a year ago. Slackin Vice, slackin.


The beard competition takes place every year.

please, baby baby please

please let me shoot your culture vulture photos around the world. I promise i will kill it big time (this means something good) and everyone will rejoice. vice consistently has shitty imagemakers on board. let us help each other out


'imagemakers?' who says that apart from unemployed wannabe photographer douchebags with a flickr fetish.

a more accurate moniker would be 'point-and-clicker.'


Why Vice is such a hollow read;

They write a paragraph of nonchalant bollocks to introduce a piece, then dive straight into some poxy interview. Fact; interviews are almost always boring and uninformative. Try excercising some proper journalism and write a story about yor subject. Yeah I know it's only beards, but surely there's a tale there?


A word to Jack Passion...getting called out zztop by the brainless, is a lot better than being called
zz bottom.


From a girl who's only dated guys with beards: Clean them! Scrub them! Wash them! Otherwise they just stink to high heaven and who wants to make out with that? It's like kissing someone's sweaty head...


Lets skip all the best article since pockets dumb phat was gone.

I can grow a mean mustache in three weeks. Ask any of the guys in Coffin Dancer. The beard and moustache comp. is some serious shit. Like 50's second album, this is a hot one. Glad to see VICE back on the real issuses.

Sizzler fo' suh.

-John Noggin

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