Klaus Kinski's Monkey

Yay! Herzog!! Thank you, but couldn't you have got a longer interview though? I understand he's on a promotional junket but if your offering up a Herzog too much is never enough. Right, I'm off to crucify a monkey.

OptiMists cLub

dude, short interviews are Vice's trademark, go read Vanity Fair

Herzog vs Harmony

Harmony is right to call Herzog a Hero. He's done more than that little twerp will ever do. His new movie (which Herzog plays a cameo role in) is typical, twee hipstery horseshit. Herzog is a real man, next Harmony who will always be Kidz.


Herzog has a new book out. Actually, it's an old book, but it's just been republished. It's called Of Walking in Ice, and it's this insane diary he wrote while hiking from Munich to Paris in a blizzard.

You can get it at http://www.free-association.org


rescue dawn is basically the greatest film of the year. the story is powerful (and true) and the film's execution is unforgettable. it's an amazing survival story. go fucking see this if you haven't.


Jeezus, just to be able to put up with the hundreds of hours of Tim's whiny voice(Grizzly Man) as part of the editing process alone was a feat in and of itself.
Herzog made a "vampire" movie as well(I believe Dick Cheny is the principle actor in that one).


wow i love that picture of herzog and korine. my two favorite directors in the world. the prince and the king. cinema genius incarnate!


Rescue Dawn is shit compared to the rest of his work. Pure Hollywood fabrication. He's losing it in his old age.

I suggest you watch Little Deiter Needs to Fly - which is his doco about Dieter Dengler (which Rescue Dawn was based on). There are many sites that have popped up in criticism of RD. One of the real POWs speaks out here... www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dinYiqS4GY

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