HAHAHA! rad.


Did this happen because they tried to give the rabbit a wrist tattoo?


poor bunny


is the rabbit ok now?


Seems like it should be "bestonededly," no? Or maybe the way you wrote it but pronounced with 4 syllables, like "be-ston-ed-ly." I don't think it's a real word anyway, just sayin'.


Shit you got stoned that's insane! I'd totally freak out if that happened like were spiders and shit not chasing you, while blood poured down the walls?!


but the buns ok now right?


Oh man that's so horrible! I just clipped my rabbit's nails today... it's soooo intense, but I just slam a beer and do it... one of his nails busted out a while back because I let it get too long. Never again, Holland, never again.


Well you handled your shit, and that is what counts! My kitten was chocking on a chicken bone (why is it always the fucking wishbone) and was making the most awful sounds imaginable so my parents went to get me.
I was 12 and into watching the discovery channel 24/7 so I remember seeing this thing about how to help a chocking animal or baby. You do back thrusts to dislodge the bone because if you do the Heimlich the kitty (or baby's) ribs will break.
It worked and kitty was rushed to the hospital.
I sat in the corner for the next 5 hours silently. Now I am becoming an ER nurse.

think about your dad

You can just tell the bunny's going "holy shit holy shit my nail fucking split Daddy Daddy help me oh god everybody shut up just SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

hoppin down the funny trail

Sure rabbits are all cutesywootsy peter cotton-tail, until you have one. They shit and piss all the time and smell like your alcoholic uncle. And then sometimes this crap happens. What a wonderful pet. I do feel bad for this rabbit though. Imagine if you could bleed to death if you didn't clip your nails enough. I know I would've been 6 feet under a decade ago.

Ted Pennington

One time in college my buddy showed up with a whole bunch of mushrooms. So after the bar, like 9 of us started to chow down. We were freshmen and there were these two senior chicks who wanted to trip too. They ate and then split. In ten minutes we're crawling the walls and acting all Native American stereotype-y. The old chicks had dipped and the younger ones had just started crying so we took them to their rooms. The four dudes left were flippin' out and havin a great time punching stuff and drawing on things for hours. Then all of the sudden lights are flashing outside my dorm window. We look outside and every cop car, fire truck and ambalance in Des Moines is surrounding the dorm. There's pounding on the door of my room. Someone opens it. Everybody's screaming and sweating. Jamiroquai is playing super loud and we're all smoking cigs. This straight-edge dude from the soccer team busts in the door and says: "Debbie Guy's dead. You guys are fucked. Everyone knows." Debbie Guy was one of the older chicks. Supposedly she had a condition or was taking some medication that says you're not supposed to get shitfaced and eat mushrooms. We ripped everything out of our room that was even vaguely fun related, like even my Dayton Family: Fuck Bein' Indicted poster. We put it all in a trunk and hid out in some other dude's room. I cried and took a bunch of shits. We watched some guys highschool football highlight reel. he was being interviewed and his head was steaming. I took more shits.
Then Murph show up the next morning and talked me out from underneath the bed I was shivering under. Turns out Debbie Guy didn't die all the way. She just flatlined. Twice. They brought her back to life with the shockers. She graduated.
When I went back to my room it was completely gutted and there was so much Glade in the air it gave me flashbacks.
On the TV in the student lounge where I spent the next day and a half was Night of the Lepus. Which stars Deforest Kelley and is about bloodthirsty rabbits.

the host

Ruby is totally fine now. She's gone back to being a very cute (albeit glorified) shit and piss factory who doesn't understand her own name and wont give anyone the time of day. Worse than a cat I tell you, but damn look how cute she is!


to the shroom dude... WOW


Shroom guy: my God. Greatest story ever told.


even worse is hallucinating and something terrible happening. like one of your friends running across the street only to run in front of a cop car.

true story.

luckily he didn't get hit. the cop stopped to talk to my friend, but just told him to be careful and drove off.


oh... guess someone beat me to it times infinity


shroom guy, i had a similar experience but it was while on 4 hits of acid and the cop presence was a drug raid that was supposed to be aimed at the crack house next to our dorm. instead they raided our dorm.


I thought that weed gives you schizophrenia?

pipi the bunny

what a poor rabbit.
if you have rabbits you take care of them and if shit like this happens you should not freak out like that
its pot , not acid or pcp.


Oh man, one time I cut my guinea pig's nails too short.
there was so much blood.
They bleed so much and so fast.

joseph your mom

That mushroom story is totally fucking intense.
I hate people that try to write like Vice on the Vice boards but you my friend, made me roflcrombie all over myself.

Mike Paahana

girls bleed every month waddup with dat

len kraven

This is what you should've done.


Aww, poor thing! I've had a pet rabbit for almost 10 years and that's happened a couple of times. It bleeds like crazy and looks awful, but it doesn't actually seem to hurt her much. Still, I can't imagine having to deal with it when I was high.

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