what a stud muffin!

Ted's blue testicles

Party round teds!!!

Reid Dudley-smith

1) I'm sure I saw the guy in white jeans in the 1st photo tripping his cunt off on acid and getting punched in the face by some tiny wee girl he kept stroking!

2) Somebody stole the seagull's egg and replaced it with a chicken egg. Harsh.




his balls have always been that colour.



Matt Retallick

Nice to see that seagull has rightfully gone down in ATP legend.

tin marin

More like gAyTP

party cUnt

damn if your goin next year, i ain't.


rock out with your no nob out...what do expect if you turn up 14 YMCA bandits???

ted. i mean, pete. i mean ted. shit, i mean pete.


Andrew Walker

I almost started a fight with you on the first night; clearly resorting to low-level thuggery should have ensued.

You tosser.

Andrew Walker

I almost started a fight with you on the first night; clearly resorting to low-level thuggery should have ensued.

but somehow i get the impression you'll enjoy reading this... 'oh, look... we offended him'. how very clever of you, then again you write no doubt for Vice.. for free no doubt.

you tosser....


Ben Rayner is gay.

Harry Hinna

Ted: what a total humourless middle-class trust- fund cunt you are. !

Emo wankers like you belong at Download or Reading. Oh, look at me...I'm sooooo rad in my Wayfarer glasses and American Apparel outfit. Cunt.

And Meat Puppets sound like Lemonheads...you must be kidding??

Jack Shit

I'd pay good money to see a coked up metro arsehole like you beaten to a pulp.

You make Amy Winehouse look punk rock in comparison.

FOAD idiot.

Ian Stuartstein

I hope you die in a hotel fire.


The guy in the pink shirt flashed his dick at us outside the venue on Saturday nite.

VERY tiny little thingy. Both me and my mate Karen lauged our heads off.

Lucy. xxx


something tells me he is in fact kidding with the meat puppets thing.

if not... hoo boy.


I think being obnoxious is pretty fun, this made me laugh a bit. This is what Vice is best for.

Harry, if you don't dig "coked up metro arseholes" then A) You're a boring fraggle, and B) WTF are you doing reading Vice in the first place.

Lindsay Cohen

What a depressing read. A tenner says that Ted will one day work for Foxtons (one of those cunts who ride around in Mini Metros).

Future estate agent wanker.


I've never been to All Tomorrow's Parties. Can someone please confirm if this dude is your "typical ATP'er"?

If so then I will make sure never to go.


Hey Amy, Lindsay, Lucy, Ian, Jack, Harry: We know you're the same person. Why are you posting under different names?

ben rayner

ANDREW WALKER. who the fuck are you?


anybody know where i can buy a goo t shirt?

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