Is the writer African-American? I hope so.


Why, because he referred to a rapper with a song whose chorus goes "i'm a tight-pants wearing-ass nigga" as a tight-panted nigga?

evidently racist

HA! I thought he was hoping the writer was black because he had misused a big word or made some sort of major grammatical mistake and re-read the entire post looking for it. Guess I'm the real nigga here.

Oh man, if only the bridge collapsed.....
I guess that'd just make more room for the next batch to move into Williamsburg..


I'd much rather somebody blow up the Delancey Lounge or that fake-german beer hall on Berry that's chockablock with frat boys. These people at least look like they know how to have a good time.


i want to do this in chicago


I want to do you in Chicago.


Happy Birthday Kev!!!!!

Ninja Fucking Sonik

Sonik Fucking Ninja...

three day holiday... I say goddamn.


뭔소리야? 한국말로 부탁

the dude who set it up isnt named Paul. His name is Catfish



This party was great. I smoked a six paper joint with some juggalo from ohio and then someone stole my fucking barbecue. i tried to report it once the cops showed up but they didn't even care. they told me to fuck right off but there was no way i was fucking off without my grill.


No-one's name is Catfish.


If i put up the cab fare, will you all catch the next flight out of LGA back to Ohio?


wuh-whoa, some kids made a stock broker angry for having fun in the city that doesn't revolve around gelled hair, striped shirts, and HIDEOUS makeup-lacquered gorgons. Do you live on the Bridge or something?


No, but i use it often. Its an old bridge, and serves many as a way to commute. It cant take much stress, as witnessed by the reduced speeds the train is limited to as it goes over it. I know daddys trust fund can swing your rent for your "loft" and pre paint-stained pants, but i doubt it is large enough to cover the replacement of a piece of city infrastructure.

The city isnt for "fun" and they didn't build the bridge so those in delayed stages of childhood can use it as a jungle gym. Its a place people live and work.

holy shit

HAHAHAHAHA, sorry dad.

"Get off my bridge!"

of course

You're right. This city isn't for "fun." It's for making money and being responsible and living a shitty colorless life. 100 kids hanging out on the bridge's walkway for a couple hours (which was just completely overhauled what? a year ago?) isn't wrecking the infrastructure, you goofball. What do you think they were doing, cutting the suspension cables and jumping up and down at the same time?


I would kill to have the dad from Freaks and Geeks read that last comment by get out.


Yeah guys, remember, the bridge is a place where people live and work.

It can't take much stress?
Let's see...100 kids x an average weight of 175lbs is an additional 17500 pounds. You really think a bridge that has 18 wheel trucks going over it can't hold 100 people?


Oh weird, a fucking BRIDGE can't take "much" stress. This dude is so mad.


The fact that 20-30 somethings call themselves "kids" completely ruins any credibility you have.

Nobody will ever take yourself seriously if you cant ever get out of childhood.

The entire hipster movement is little more than a cover for a Peter Pan Complex.

And for a bunch of "intellectuals" not many of you can identify narrative license. But i guess all those books you carry around are really just for show, arent they?


I need credibility to have fun.

So mad.

You hear that? Nobody will EVER take you seriously if you keep making a jungle gym of the city and holding your damn rap and punk shows on Firday night. Bunker down, read those books you've all been carrying around, and maybe, just maybe, you'll earn the esteem of all the jealous soul-dead dipshits who've been shitting on you for enjoying your 20s.


Shit. Why didn't you guyze tell me there was a party on teh bridge!


you are so mad

hahahahahh are you for real

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