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Joe Kacik has been a sports writer, copy editor and designer in his 23-year newspaper career, but his passion is fantasy sports. Having grown up an hour from Pittsburgh, Joe is a lifelong Steelers and Pirates fan. But [url=http://hollister-pas-cher-france.tumblr.com/]hollister pas cher france[/url] since he started playing in fantasy leagues in the early 90s, he s become a fanatic of the NFL and Major League Baseball. Follow this blog for player updates, analysis and insight in fantasy football and baseball.

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Active/inactive list for today s 1 p.m. games
Posted to: Fantasy Football
Some key wide receivers top the active/inactive list for [url=http://hollister-clothingfrance.tumblr.com/]hollister clothing france[/url] today's 1 p.m. NFL games.

Detroit's Calvin Johnson (knee) [url=http://parajumperjakker.tumblr.com/]parajumper jakker[/url] is active, but Tampa Bay's Mike Williams (hamstring) and Buffalo's Stevie Johnson (back) are both inactive.

Here's a list for the teams that play at [url=http://jeanpauljakker.tumblr.com/]jean paul jakker[/url] 1 p.m.:

Packers: RB James Starks and LB Clay Matthews are inactive.

Ravens: WR Brandon Stokley is inactive; WRsMarlon Brown and Jacoby Jones are both active.

Raiders: RBs Darren McFadden, Rashad Jennings and Marcel Reece are all active.

Chiefs: TE Anthony Fasano and CB are both inactive.

Panthers: RB Kenjon Barner is inactive.

Vikings: RB Adrian Peterson is active.

Bengals: No major inactives.

Bills: WR Stevie Johnson and QB EJ Manuel are inactive; RB C.J. Spiller is active.

Lions: WR Calvin Johnson is active; WR Nate Burleson and TE Tony Scheffler are both inactive.

Browns: No major inactives.

Rams: CB Cortland Finnegan is inactive; RB Zac Stacy is active.

Texans: WR Andre Johnson is active.

Eagles: QBs Nick Foles and Michael Vick are both active, but Foles will start.

Bucs: WR Mike Williams, OG Carl Nicks are both inactive; CBJohnthan Banks [url=http://hollister-en-franceparis.tumblr.com/]hollister en france paris[/url] is active

Steelers: QB Ben Roethlisberger and TE are both active; RB Isaac Redman and WR Markus Wheaton are both inactive.

Jets: WR Santonio Holmes is inactive.

Click here to follow me on Twitter today and every Sunday gameday for live scoring and injury updates.

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