Picture 7 is by far the best! He's holding one of those little nets that's used for rockpooling.


The captions of the slideshow photos are the lamest ever!!
"face off.. weapons"
"fear.. cops are investigating"
I'm actually hearing my little brother doing his best Americana-action-hero piss-take voice when I read them.. aww! I miss my little brother, he is ace!


this is good wholesome fun. more fights should happen this way!

oh my

i thought we couldn't call them spades any more?

I think they were protesting over the price of Sunflowers.


Nice to see Nike are still sponsoring our troubled youths.


That's how WE roll... UK reprazent!

ilovewelliesand spadesareus

I live on Columbia Road and missed all the welly action, but thank you more than anything for introducing me to the sun.com! Best quotes on their fountain of intellectual debate from big name critics including cunning_stunt and buckteeth. by the way, in picture 7 when the policeman is advancing with a metal pole to take a lad WITH A WELLIE to task, the boot does seem to be on the other foot...


Awww... I feel really bad for these guys.
I mean, they are trying sooooo hard to be the big hardmen, fighting on the street protecting thier turf.... but they really do look like a rag tag bunch of pathetic children in a school ground scrap.
You know they are getting the piss ripped out of them by their mates who have all run out to buy the Sun just so they can laugh.

Kalos Kagathos

A short disclaimer telling readers that the link takes you directly to the sun newspaper's website wouldn't have gone amiss.




Picture 2 - the guy on the left is doing the finest Pingu impression I ever did see.


Anyone else holding out for a combine harvester rampage?

"20 minute gang fight
... and no-one calls cops"
- they just photograph it for the Sun.

kalos, get over hilsborough will you, jesus christ, everyone else has.
i think you'll find that Jamie "Carra la" Carragher has sold his autobiography to the Sun for serialisation...

fran freeman

hahaha i love the way the sun write about the fight... why are they so pessimistic? :p


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