The Sports Bar is the worst. Nasty girls, horrible bouncers... Don't bother with it. The White Horse is great but the clientel are scum.


The Nag's Head on Whitechapel road is worth a visit. More relaxed, and more pubby than clubby. Nice lookers too. Sports Bar is grim. White Horse used to be full of suits and a few orthodox jews. Now they're both in short supply.


I've always been a fan of the old axe. The girls are big and thats how I like 'em.

JC of course

Rainbow Sports Bar all over. I would go there right now if I wasn't in LA

for a nice strip pub with no windows one should check out the Queen Elizabeth in Spring Gardens Vauxhall. dont get mixed up and go to the tavern though - whole different kettle of fish.


Wow, i'm definitely more worried about strip clubs going down than HSBC

fish n strips

My manager took me to to browns on my first day at work - about 15 years ago. I nearly spat my chilli out when some girl in a bikini asked me to put a pound in the pot. Great place. Now I live round the corner from Metropolis at the end of Hackney Rd - that is a great strip bar - great lookers in there and lovely to talk to. Can't believe I just wrote that.

"In here, for want of a better word, we're cheap and nasty."

Got straight to the point there.

I've always gone past Metropolis since I was a little kid. When I found out what it was I thought it was so cool having a strip club on my doorstep.


The Spring Gardens pub is the Queen Anne ! I like the White Horse so that makes me scum I see.

Alex (Molarki) Davids

Their loss = my gain. Front row seats now at Browns.


i own a strib bar in london, and agree that things are really bad at the moment. i'd describe it as a rollercoster, you dont knw what is going to happen from one day to the other. it use to be that you have one or two bad days a week and the rest good, but at the moment you'd be lucky to get one good day in the week. its getting to the point where the girls are not even making house fee's on some shifts. don't know how much longer it can survive like this, might be time for adjustments on amount of girls working and the amount we are charging for house fees.


"I've always gone past Metropolis since I was a little kid." What a childhood.


I went to the Axe again recently and noticed the private dances are back to their old high standard. Left with a very big grin on my face. Keep up the gook work girls.

What crap I have spent £2000 in both the Sports Bar and Old Axe in the last week, but I am rich .......

strippers in melbourne

From this article, I remember that one of my friend had enjoyed the stripping club in London. He is from Greece. He told the best stripping club he has ever visited.

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