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In The Fruit Hunters I explore the different possibilities in greater detail; ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide which scenario feels the most plausible.

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All we have is conjecture, conspiracy theories, and shreds of evidence pointing at some form of sabotage.


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The term tomato comes from the Aztec's ttomal. After Solanum lycopersicum was transported to Mexico and grown and consumed by preshistoric humans, Cherry tomatoes were grown by the Aztecs in Central Mexico. Just some background informationI do not know who called it a fruit.It is botanically a fruit. A food is is Considered a Fruit When The Reproductive Part of The Plant is What is Edible, This includes The Seed of The Plant and Vegetables are usually refer To Another Part of The Plant That is Also Edible, Though Not Considered Part Of The Reproductive Organ or Ovary of The Plant. Cooks Consider Anything Sweet a Fruit, and Anything For Savory Cooking and not Sweet, is Considered a Vegetable.



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