with all due respect, australia, you are out of your fucking element.

Sigourney Beaver

So, Vice is tossing its lot in with the losers?


Is his normal element humor?

Because if so, I agree.


"The calibre of below-the-belt slams set ablaze on these garments..."

"The calibre" - guns
"below-the-belt" - boxing
"slams" - wrestling
"set ablaze" - fire.

Vice, that sentence was like a shelter for abused metaphors.


Not if they were referencing free-form arson-grappling. That sport's got something for everyone.

great metaphor, comparing clueless white right-wingers to angry lesbians who want to protect their bodies! ha ha ha! woo, that was so clever and hilarious, wow. I just can't stop laughing.


Dear Vice Magazine,

This election, with its whole theme of young people giving a fuck about things bigger than themselves, has made you irrelevant. You are the magazine equivalent of Ann Coulter. You fucking hipsters aren't even nihilists. You are right wing fucktards usually from bumfuck towns in middle America, who dress up your ass backwards politics as ironic detachment, so as to make your reactionary anti-urban anti-black sexist politics seem cool. In reality you are Ann Coulter, Vice magazine, you are Ann Coulter. And we city people know it and we hate your guts.

Go back to Bumfuckville Ohio,

America's Cities

P.S. Your writing blows. But maybe its supposed to be ironically bad.


hey matt, you fuckin moron, what the FUCK are you talking about guy? do you even read this magazine? if you want right wing shit in vice you're a couple years too late.


Ann Coulter...she's hilarious!
matthew, take a chill pill
you're gonna bust a vein
in your head


Dear Vice magazine.

When an arm gets all squishy and loses it's tone, bend close and take a sniff. If it's starting to get a bit whiffy and like 'woo up I need some more deodorant.' It's not going to go away, it's called gangrene and it's going to kill your beautiful body - oh fuck the metaphors - please cut off your Australian writers at the shoulder joint.


Hey Matt,

I like your idea on sending the people back to small towns who disagree with you, I'm love for segregation by ideology. That way enlightened, open minded big city people like yourself will never have to deal with all the ignorant small town folk who don't accept those different from themselves. Go back to Bumfuckville Ohio Indeed! Brilliant Matt, Brilliant.


Oh, Matt, I also like your pigeonholing of the entire vice staff and readership as being just like Ann Coulter. Making broad judgments and condemning an entire group of people based on the actions of a few is clearly enlightened behavior. Someone from Bumfuckville, Ohio would have trouble pulling that off. Bumfuckville. Putting bum and fuck and ville together to name a town, you'd make Barack proud.


Robert obviously works at the Vice office - Dial Aust. +61 bumfuckville

Cooler King

Ah, the left. Tireless champion of the right to a different viewpoint, so long as it's one which doesn't impugn their cult of personality.


".....make anyone uncomfortable by your mere presence...."

Isn't that the truth..... this shit better not become ironic to wear. When does the "W Rocks" gear start coming out?


Matt I grew up in a foreign country where we had very little personal freedom and were not even allowed to criticize our government. Coming to America I've found those who most closely mirror my old government in wanting to suppress any deviation tend to be ages 18-55, middle to upper-middle class left leaning people. Now I voted for Obama, I feel good about my vote only I worry that if people like you have his ear we will have a crack own on personal freedoms and see policies that only cater to people's economic interests in the big cities (no protection for economic minorities, like those people who produce the food we eat). I really feel strongly about this, it upsets me to see those like yourself who so quickly write off another group as being dumb or ignorant for simply having another viewpoint as their own, if you grew up where I did you'd feel the same.


does the same image on a million different kinds of shirts really entail "gear"? I clicked the link expecting to see dozens of cool designs, not the same one over and over. did they actually make display models of every single one of those shirts? that's a lot of money they wasted.


When a guy here in Chicago set himself on fire to protest Bush's war, someone from Australia posted on a local board saying that she really hadn't appreciated how much Americans cared about the world until that guy killed himself.

I replied that I couldn't blame her for that, given our President. And my appreciation for Australians (already pretty high) went up a notch.

And now this, from Australia? Well, it won't go down a whole notch, but. . . .

Maybe the only good thing about this is that I haven't before seen calls for impeachment of a President so quickly after his election, with two exceptions: (1) Reagan, and (2) Bush.

We must be doing something right if we are pissing off the right wingers as badly as they pissed us off with Reagan and Bush.


I know it's been said before, but you comment people have a terminal humor deficiency.


is this supposed to be ironic?

oh man, im so sick of irony as a fashion statement. which, as i recall, is the kind of thing you guys at Vice frown upon. Irony only works when people dont realize how they look is ironic. when people try too hard, you just end up with a bunch of hipster clones.


Me thinks he touched a nerve here. And the comedians said they would have a problem with material from the new Prez . By the way, I live in a small town in Ohio.


Me thinks he touched a nerve here. And the comedians said they would have a problem with material from the new Prez; obviously not his supporters. Ohio

Bootsie, please return to high school english class and get back to us when you have even the slightest clue what the word irony means. This post is about how it's weird that a website is selling anti-Obama baby clothes and thongs.


ya'll need to just chill and lol, lol till it dont hurt no more

mai lai

umm, isn't vice a part of the liberal-minded brainwashing media?

By the way, the only true way to piss off any of the obamalovers is to ask them what his policies are... other than, you know, being half-black.

I love you viacom.

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