Feels good, man.


These all look nice, but comics cost way too much money for most people to get into.

Uland K.

All of those are $8 to $25. So don't buy two beers tonight and you should be okay.


Where are you drinking that beers cost $36-$112.50? Probably some bar with a comic-book store theme for rich only children who aren't popular.


Take your comics hate elsewhere. Comics are a good time, and worth the $5 (Ted May) to $30 (That really nice fantagraphics Popeye collection) they ask for them. Do you have any idea how long it takes to draw all that crap? Comics artists are basically making Bhutanese minimum wage.


What about Snakepit 2007? that shit is pretty good. You guys used to love Snakepit back in the day.

Somehow I don't think a book that came out back in June qualifies as new.


Bout time you admitted liking Achewood. New Simpsons is right.

these are some good reviews. nick gazin is a spruce gentleman.

Dorcas Malorkus

Yes! Party Monster has been unleashed on the world! Your mom is a lady of excellent taste- I always thought that was one of your best comics as well.

becca kacanda? fucking kack.


thanks for this, sinceriously, i need some good new comics and have been out of the loop for so long. problem is spending money on this stuff when it feels like food prices & job availability are about to go into nightmare realms.
i'll still buy one of these though.
again, thank you for the heads up.


wigger haircut rules

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Nick Gazin's momma thinks Nick Gazin's comic is the best. And in a review by Nick Gazin himself no less!

Manos Turbo

"Maybe just rifle through a copy and tear out the drawings that you think are good then try to flush the rest down the Borders bathroom toilet."

Have you seen that Kim Ki-Duk film "Bad Guy" where this Korean chick rips a page out of an Egon Schiele book at a bookshop and is later forced into prostitution by this mute guy who stabs another guy in the throat with a piece of paper and gets stabbed in the stomach by a huge sharpened piece of glass and then builds a whorehouse out of a lorry and pimps the girl out to fishermen?


Three days, three acres, three THOUSAND men! Only one can win,


c brry

six months from now zach hazard vaupen will be receiving blowjobs from chris onstad daily


dear snakepit,
no one likes snakepit


everyone loves zach hazard though!!!!!

Calvin tan

manos.. ur one fucked up individual

Manos Turbo

Calvin tan.. that's a real movie, you shipdit

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I read the first 2 and I must say they are amazing.

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