Hooray for weird but Blacklist is literally THE corniest act of the past decade. They sound like Sisters of Mercy if they'd been molested every day of their childhood but an obese gym teacher.


And they look like the Mission UK if they'd been molested every day of their childhood by the Mission. Wait, I think I got something reversed.


sam looks like a delicious sexican with that molestache!


Sisters of Mercy molested by an obese gym teacher - that actually sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip.


This is our favorite weekly!!!!


blacklist- great music, smart lyrics, style-- what's not to like? jealous much? i'm fukin tired of day glo


BL = refreshing change


THE corniest act of the decade? Jealousy indeed. Post a link to your band, shithead.


Good Mission UK comments. Did you send them from your iPhone while waiting in line for Chinese Democracy at Virgin.Sunday can't come to soon, huh?


Really? Blacklist THE corniest? your an idiot.


Pieter--the only person I know who considers the Cocteau Twins are too mainstream, Bauhaus for jocks and "Up The Down Escalator" by The Chameleons a hit... it simply doesn't get any more RARE than that... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


PS - WHERE is this goth revival happening? Seriously, I'd like to see it because I am pretty sick of "indie electro" : (


Happy birthday, Pieter.


yes, night of howling


Just waking from another bender at Wierd. Opus Finis was beautifully violent!


the admirable thing about wierd is that it has little to do with 'goth' - in the same way the residents and chrome can live alongside killing joke and borghesia. it's about a 'real' alternative and a platform for music that otherwise has gone generally unnoticed - and thankfully well delivered in a club atmosphere and not some holier than thou nerd-fest.

cheers to wierd. here's to 5 more years! HEILIGE!!!


opus finis was truly amazing last night. looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow! shame on anyone in ny who misses them twice...

FINALLY a boring night at a boring bar frequented by boring people who play in boring bands gets some recognition!

Rick Rockmin

I'm not boring! I leave snarky comments on the world wide internet about things I personally dislike! LOTS of things! Nothing boring about that!


Easily bored is so bored today s/he decided to come stink up the page. I'm willing to bet said person will be bored enough to field retaliation all day, perhaps into infinity cos the only thing to stave off boredom for a sad, sad jerkoff is anonymous snarking. Oh, poor nameless...! S/he's never been able to put the pieces back together since Saturdays at MisShapes was no more.

Val Kilminster

Random, anonymous message board opinions are valuable but yours are seemingly off the charts. Seriously, write a book. The world needs to hear what you think stinks and is boring. Is Obama vetting you for his cabinet? Is the Boredom Czar position taken yet? I nominate you. Congrats.


I really hope that this 'scene' doesn't get overpopulated with hipster aesthetics and become the latest fashion trend among pitchfork douche faces. Wait? Vice has picked it up. It might be doomed already. I'm crossing my fingers for the CR-78.


die another day woohoo

Quit yer bellyachin. Vice "picked it up" over a year ago and it hasn't been glutted with "pitchfork douche faces" (PS: two entirely different publications) yet.


samuel kk

take as many washed and clipped string beans in your hands as you can carry and throw them in a pan with 2 tablespoons of butter with half a jar of anchovies in oil (pour some of that in aswell). put a lid on it and cook on medium heat for 4 minutes. throw in 4 cloves of garlic chopped or crushed. cook for another 5-8 minutes. take the lid off and turn up the heat a bit til desired texture is achieved.
salt and pepper (vinegar if you like, or crushed red pepper flakes) to taste.

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