monster.com here i come. a bass player in a punk band having better health coverage than i do is the last fucking straw.


That's a terrible wedding song.


the sad thing is that punk rock bob the dentist is probably the most punk rock thing in all of alberta

dr. bob's dental assistants must think he is the biggest wanna be this side of hollywood.

punk rock receptionist

are you fucking kidding me??? his myspace name is "PunkRockDentist" aaaaaaahahahahahaha

Chris Warsop

Okay, you're an English band on the road in Canada and you get everything you own stolen by crackheads - van, trailer, instruments, backline, merchandise, cash, computers, cameras, phones, clothes, passports, visas - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO FUNCTION IS GONE, YOUR BAND IS FINISHED AND YOU ARE BROKE AND HOMELESS. You have enough cash between you to book yourself one night in a hotel where you all pace around in shocked silence, no idea where you go from here.

Then you get a phone call to the room from out of the blue. It's a guy called Punk Rock Bob the Dentist and His Punk Rock Lawyer wife. They take you all out for good conversation, food and beers, offer you a place to stay and free dental work. You politely decline the dental work since you know your third-world English chops would bankrupt their surgery. You know Dr Bob cannot solve all your problems but he can certainly make you feel a whole lot better at a very shitty time.

I have firsthand experience of Dr Bob and his lady. They are true punk rock fans, not obsessive sychophants, not wannabes, not coat-tailers, not looking to garner a portfolio of 'celebrity' clients - just very genuine, interesting and kind people who practice what they preach with regard to Social values.

And if you're ever in a major pickle in Edmonton, Alberta - or maybe you've just got teeth that look like a popcorn coated shipwreck - I'm sure they'd look out for you too.

Bianca Jackson

I wish we have a sedation dentist like this dude here in Las Vegas! I don't think that he's a poser or a wannabe like everyone else is saying. I can see that Doc Bob only wants to make friends with people from the community - after all, you'd always prefer to hang around with people you can relate with.

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Hr0QYc Interesting, but still I would like to know more about it. Liked the article:D

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