fuck these assholes




Great article! Nobody else is reporting what's really happening there.


oh fuck you you lazy piece of shit. i bet you have never stood up for anything you care about in your life except hoisting your fat ass off the couch to get your microwave dinner out of the microwave. you should learn something from these people. maybe america wouldn't be heading the same way if you did


I coincidentally happen to be in Athens right now and got stuck in the poly-technical university on Tuesday night. The city was crazy, half serious political uprising and half "fuck it, lets break shit" mode. It's been a surreal experience. There have been massive protests, ranging from 14 year olds throwing rocks, middle aged men and women protesting police violence against their children, to socialists and communists protesting the failings of the government. What’s sad is that these literally thousands of peaceful protestors are not what are drawing media attention right now. It’s the rioters.
On MSNBC right now, there are reports of “rioters torch[ing] the capital's massive Christmas tree in central Syntagma Square. As the hooded youths moved on, some protesters posed for photos in front of the blaze, and others sang the Greek version of ‘O Christmas Tree.’” And “The windows of two of Athens' luxury hotels, the Athens Plaza and the Grande Bretagne on Syntagma Square, were smashed.” Similar stories appear on CNN, and the BBC. Nothing in mentioned about the nonviolent marchers. Yes the violence is regrettable, but it is not at all a random or out of proportion. A boy was shot for no other reason than badmouthing a police officer. I’ve witnessed armed riot teams charge and beat young women for throwing a water bottle.

In my mind, the Greeks are fully within their rights to react this way. Both the peaceful and violent protestors are the inheritors of a long line of rebellion against authoritarian figures that needs to continue. The Greek scorn for the police, which has recently come to a violent head, has its roots in the days of the dictatorship. The recent shooting is only the straw that breaks the camels back. Questioning, and even standing up to the “legitimate use of force” is a time honored tradition that will be, more than anything, the force that legitimately moves Greece further towards democracy. The international media should be supporting, rather than condemning the actions of Athens’ citizens. In an age when we are so bent on fighting oppression, movement toward ending dictatorial pressures should be welcomed with open arms.
Fuck those assholes who are saying that its out of proportion reactions to minor issues. Greece needs this right now.


reminds me of Fight Club


how volatile are the bombs they're making? if they can explode from falling only a few feet, i would think there isn't much leeway in mixing the chemicals. granted, they are polytech students, but one mistake and your face could be melting off. great story here. props for breaking these photos.

Lance Hunter

My first thought: Man, Black Bloc would piss themselves at how far off-protocol these guys are in their dress.

My second thought: Fuck those Black Bloc pussies. When they pull off something like this they can start talking.




Is that a VICE tag on the burned out van in the last pic? Nice exposure.


Certainly makes the Columbia sit-in-ers look like pussies. I'm looking forward to the interview.

VICE, how the FUCK did you score these shots????????
this shit's insane!
i guess the term 'greek' won't be used in place of 'faggotry' much longer.


This is the birthplace of democracy--and it's in their genes--these kids are doing the "right" thing.
Now for you lazy ass americans--wake up and take some lessons--this is how you respond when the govt. stomps on you.

This is f'ing awesome.
Makes me wish I was alive in the US in the 60's. Also, those "columbia pussies" weren't this badass, but the weatherman held it down. Lastly, Vice, don't take that high and righteous tone with us, we know you didn't know shit about Greek politics, saw there were riots, thought it was cool, and then wikipedia'd it. Don't play cute and erudite with us...


yo poster above - vice has a greek working in the ny office. i know her and she knows a ton about greek politics. you have no idea what you're talking about.


Wrong. We saw there were riots, asked the Greek in our office if she knew anybody involved, then called up her friend and said "Tell us about this Greece we keep hearing of." All the above info and pictures are straight from the horse's mouth (except the bit about them rioting last time the Vandals played, that was from the singer's blog a while ago). What you deem "playing cute" we like to call "reporting on a situation."


mike p.

these photos are incredible!!!!!
hell ya!


PS for Thalia: Sorry about calling your friend a horse.


Vice, great coverage, a little simplistic though, don't you think? I agree with mainstream media sucking, but Der Speigel has some great shit up about the riots, you should link to their articles for people who want a more solid understanding. They seem to be calling the rioters out on some bullshit though, saying the situation isn't as dangerous as it appears and the rioters lack purpose/direction and seem to be getting a kick out of the violence, as do the police.

George Poulopoulos

is fredy faulkenberry freddie f. from LIFO?


This is so fucking beautiful! Is anybody else seeing this shit?... nothing like what I'd imagined.

Jesus Crust

Amazing shots! Vice, you sometimes engage in very good journalism! Kudos


These guys aren't legitimate demonstrators who are majority peaceful. These guys are agents provocateurs a la Mossad, to cause the Greek government to clamp down the people under a corrupt, NWO banking system/police state.


what exactly is a "legitimate" demonstrator?
And, if what you are saying is true, this means the Greek government is totally corupt.
There were hudreds of people in the polytechnic that night and it looks pretty real!!!


i realise its exciting and i appreciate the political activism, but all the people saying "awesome! maybe now you lazy americans will fight the power etc" you would be the first people to shit in your fucking pants if this kind of chaos happened in your town.

america has been more violent than your worst nightmare for hundreds of years. hence the guns.

i've seen what happens when shit explodes and there's blood everywhere - every single tough guy on the street turns into a fucking little baby.

its not nice, dont condone it, be careful what you wish for etc/wtc

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