"kind bud" gives me the nerd chills

Satan Davis Jr.

is it cannabis or cannibal?


shouldn't that be i dressed up AS cannibal corpse's weed monster?


nice stems, baby, but what's with the schwag face?

Definitely Cannabis Corpse.


Y'all are on the ball today. What, you get bored watching the new president coverage? Regardless, all better now. Thanks.


Cannabis Corpse=weed inspired Cannibal Corpse tribute band

If you want a weirder CC tribute band, check out Acoustic Corpse, Cannibal Corpse songs played unplugged.


Mullet Chad is definitely impressed.

be a lady?.....

...or maybe stop going for washed up bro-metal bands... Suffocation? Really? Just throwing that in there to sound hard?

Yeesh. That's almost as bad as saying "yeah, so yesterday me and the guys from napalm death were out enjoying a walk in the snow...."

be a dummy

that last comment is rediculous

has no bearing on anything...

just throwing that in there to sound cool?

Robotic Empire

This got us way fucking stoked, and thus we knocked off a few bucks off all the CANNABIS CORPSE vinyl for the rest of the month. Just cause of you Vice.


p.s. my wife made this costume in one stoney day


It looks like Obama is underneath it


its cannabis corpse its a tribute band to cannibal but they growl about weed and being under the influince like one of their song tittles blunted at birth


that's probably the coolest thing I've seen in a Vice magazine. what the fuck is bro-metal, cause if it's really a genre that people made up suffocation isn't.. Shark Punch and xLiferuinerx would be though.

woah this band looks so cool, im going to their next concert

I might go see them at Midwest Fuckfest in Milwaukee.


bro metal? shut the fuck up. suffocation and napalm death are real fucking death metal. you're probably some trendy hipster faggot... wait, you read vice magazine online. you're *definitely* a trendy hipster faggot.

Jazzy Jas

Adriane, you're lovely enough for the latte and the yoga but you can always hang with the coolest and the hardest! Now here's some Napalm Death...goooooooooooo! {and I'm Courtnaaaaay! (inside joke, sorry New Yorkers)

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hello Super totally not not not death metal. I figured I was "kind bud," so I began to hug everybody. But men didn't know I was a woman in there. That is when the mauling began. Immediately after I delivered the first hug my body was grabbed from the back and I felt myself swing uncontrollably off the ground.

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WTF? Just costume? Oh yes, its fantastic, good job!

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