stay free!

that tampon dispenser is a fucking treasure chest!

big tuna

i didn't know there was such a thing as a belted maxipad. i'm flabbergasted...


google image search for them. they are funny-looking. i doubt they could fit into a dispenser machine like that one.


why are you not having sex with Colorful Pants Guy?


not sure why, but i imagine this place to be like the filing office where harvey pekar works in american splendor. i hope for you it's not.



Pissing off Douglas Feith is indeed something of which to be mad proud, yo.

As one writer of the obscure to another, keep ya head up. Off to research mechanical doodads.


Is it wrong that I want to work here?


"The Dumbest Fucking Guy on the Planet" would be a great bio title. It would be enough for me to read the back cover.


is that the bad guy from the jewel of the nile?

Bus monkey

If you would ever like to trade pain, I'll job swap with you for a week and you can come work in the marketing department of the public transportation company. You'll be at the gun shop by lunch. "Can I buy one bullet...?"

Not Santa Claus

maybe knowledge is hope.

James Gay Polk

r u hott?
can i c it?
can u touch it.


That was awesome. Props for hazing Feith, and you should shag snazzy pants guy.


Don't seem like you're a happy camper. Forget the snarky comments. Can't figure why the Biography Factory doesn't cut you loose.

Judy Blue Eyes

Dear Jamie, OMG! I worked there eight years ago and it hasn't changed a bit. Like a dysfunctional family unto itself. The worst, most uncaring, selfish management (definitely seeps from the top) I've ever encountered. Glad I got out!!!

Pumpkin Lazaron

Honestly, this sounds like a pretty cool job. It's better to work in some funky place with weirdos than with and for "cool" people. Sorry you got fired.

Wilson Veteran

I did a five-year tour of duty at Wilson, and I can say that this piece is right on the money. Most of the people there should be in padded restraints. I could share so many horror stories of my days locked inside that evil keep. Hilarious story!

Another Wilson Veteran

I used to work at Wilson and loved the place!
Really! I made so many friends there.
People like to trash it, but there were far, far worse places to work.
Of course it is a different story since May of 2009; now it is just as bad as any place.

Disgusted with being "funny" at others' expense

You think it is amusing to make fun of real people?
I'm sure they would be delighted with your descriptions of them.


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