"There was an unpopular but awesome 1980s comic called Strikeforce Morituri about these people to whom the government gave super-crack and then drafted into an army of junkies. This crack gave you special powers so that you could fight this horrible alien invasion, but within a year your head would explode."

i think this is the stuff my corner crackhead got his hands on last week. he was singing gibberish about lasers and had tinfoil on his head.


this sounds like simultaneously the best and worst idea ever


these guys are as ambitious as the polyphonic spree and dark meat put together


I'm totally down bro but, alas, i live in Florida and am pathologically incapable of bettering myself.
I'm a glitchy-avant-runner so it could have been beautiful....

"used" to be weird? ha!

Noah N Nipperus

Can I join from Tempe Arizona?

These are my bands

www.myspace.com/bitbillionaires (all the "top friends are my bands)


Hey Noah, sure! It'd be fun to come up with a plan to rock out in Tempe with you cats.


i thought flaming fire was kinda boring, expecting crash worship level then recieving white stripes meets pain teens thing. could be I'm just another member of the avant garde orthodoxy though : /

maybe these new directions will give you the necessary dionysian spark

Mr. Human

This is a great idea, but there's too much sound in the world.

Is there any way it can be a silent pantomime?


So AAAA Locksmiths still exists? ROCK!


I am so glad I was able to see Flaming Fire's last show as it were. I also decided last night that I had better start a training regimen if I am to be a part of the reincarnated band. I already do a great deal of jumping around while singing my own renditions of Patsy Cline songs, so I figure I have the lung capacity. I also enjoy carrying flags. I don't have a guitar, but I do have some bongos, a harmonica, a banjo I can't play very well and a violin that needs a bridge. Let me know if that will be of any help, otherwise I will be there to run on the 24th.

Jeffrey Jensen

Hi Patrick. I'm leaving a comment here (as instructed--I bet most on your email list don't even read the fine print). Good luck with the fitness marching band, where were you when I needed you 12 years ago? (back when I cared). Either way, I'm trying out for Jeopardy tonight---I'll let you know how it goes.


Whoa! Slow down there, Mr. Ego. You're trying so hard to be "weird" that you're almost a walking . . . whoops! I mean "running" cliche! Pulling a preemptive hype strike on your having established ANOTHER reincarnation of the same band three times over? Get over yourself, you art drag.

Patrick Hambrecht

You know, Quinn, you're right, kind of. I am trying really hard to do new things. But I've always wondered why being really conventional, safe and boring isn't a cliche? And egoless art -- what is that? A nice blue blurry abstract on a dentist's wall? I don't even want to know. I like egos, and I like trying hard.

vox hall

art drag is a good band name. i preferred the creepy chanting flaming fire, whereas the metal sound was more like a fun party-type thing. just don't call anything experimental or avant-somethingorother. or worse yet, experimental rock. please. the world needs zero more of that.


the flaming fire fitness is the obvious next level up. looking forward to the first rehearsal/show.

Joe McGinty

Hey Patrick,

Nice post. I've enjoyed every version of FF and I'm glad I got to see the "farewell" show, and it's nice to be part of the extended family. I look forward to Flaming Fire Fitness!



Maria Levitsky

yeah! Count me in! got bored running, but have been bicycling fit for a couple of years, and have been looking for a good excuse to start chasing the road in front of my feet again. I can hold a tune, and will learn the tuba, with some incentive. I've had band envy of FF since the first time I saw yaz.


Joe McGinty

Hey Patrick,

Nice post. I've enjoyed every version of FF and I'm glad I got to see the "farewell" show, and it's nice to be part of the extended family. I look forward to Flaming Fire Fitness!




I have enjoyed your work to this point and I look forward to your future projects. I'm glad someone is putting some agon into their dithyrambs.
-DH in Dub

T. Hodler

Good post, Patrick. I'm excited for Flaming Fire II. (By the way, Elric didn't kill Count Brass. I think you were thinking of Rackhir the Red Archer. No big deal.)

Ken A.

Patrick, man, why didn't you ever tell me you were another old school "Battle of the Planets" geek? I've got episodes on tape, as well as a bootleg of the slick Japanese revival of it from '94. Sometime you come out to visit (I hope you know the way by now) and we'll load that shit up. (BTW, Keyop was only a robot in "BotP"; in the Japanese version, Jinpei was just a foster child with a filthy mouth.) Then I'll finally give you a taste of Voltron and you'll see a striking similarity in the characters, and I'll explain it all in the context of Hercules, the pagan Horned God, Christ, Rastafari, the five Esoteric Buddhas and Chandamaharoshana, among others.

I anxiously await the Flaming Fire Fitness launch, the return of AAAA Locksmiths & Bail Bonds, the Kokoschoka plays and, for that matter, anything else you ever put out there. Yours is a voice I always want to help elevate to the highest vantage possible.


I was surprised to see my photo used here, but thanks for crediting me. Looking forward to the all new FFII, FFF, AAAA and whatever the fuck else.

great, informative and clever post. flaming fire was always fun to see and i met patrick around town once or twice. seemed like a nice fella to me.


"Weird" is a cheap method of distinction. and sad when pursued consciously. have you considered something a little more subtle?

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