step on yo dick

everlasting gobstopper

don't stress it. it's only a matter of time before the rest of the company is laid off, so consider this a head start. and maybe they'll update their tampon vending machine after all.


you're my hero

jim pole

shiiit, the first article tickled my fancy, suckin shame, get a shittier job and write about it.


don't stress! if you were unhappy, its probably good that you left... now go get your revenge and egg the building in the middle of the night...(at least that's what I did when I got fired from the Summer Camp I worked at in 8th grade..but then again, I was 13.)


i love jamie peck.


Jamie sorry to say this but the next job you get don't write an artical about it then use your real name on it. Also hope that the next job you apply for doesn't google your name.

encyclopedia brown

Jamie, did you work with Al? If so, clearly he's the one who outed you--he's still stalking you.


Al here and though what e.b. was funny I must defend my character a bit.
1. I didn't work with J, I live in boston.
2. I'm not a stalker just an uemployed auto mechanic with too much time on my hands.
3. Most importantly I'm no snitch.


You commute by car from Brooklyn? That's dumb. I mean, I'm impressed you can do it. Still dumb.

T.S. For You

I read your story (part two) in this hipster mag
Once again everything you said smelled worse than a bag
Of horseshit and horse piss and old cheese and farts
Don’t know if you noticed, but when you impart
Your writerly wisdom you throw fifty darts
And hit that ol’ dartboard perhaps only twice—
Oh, wait! I just remembered a saying I like:
“Even a broken clock’s right twice a day”
Remember it well when you open your mouth
Or try to employ that atrophied brain

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Came across this through a random sequence of link hopping, looking for something like "fuck working."

Hey, I agree with any kind of bitching with regards to the bourgeois that waste intelligence in ways profitable to themselves more than anyone else.

More power to you, hope you found a job that lets you keep your standard of living and allows you to be truly happy.

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