I suddenly feel like I put on 600 pounds of emotional weight


that flaming shit just tripped me the fuck out. too much coffee, not enough food today.


Great stuff. When, and where, does "Profane" premier?

golden skans

el ess dee

whoaaa that was better than the end of 2001


watch "spoiled" on his vimeo site.


hmm..does what art does. Made me pissed off, made me sad, exited amongst other things. Not too much joy though. We get spoon fed enough of that though. Reminded me of Jim Morrison's poems a bit with the loose associations and whatnot.


Mike Everleth

I only became seriously acquainted with Alshaibi's work this year. Some of his best Vimeo videos got taken down for being "profane," I suppose. But hunt them down on other sites: "The Foreigner" and "Convulsion Expulsion" are just brilliant. His work is certainly disturbingly original. I'm very excited to see "Profane."


'Signal Cross Over' reminded me profoundly of my last good DMT trip. Interesting stuff. The video, and the DMT.


manal didn't grow up in a Muslim country. She was born in the us and grow up in the us. she visited many countries around the world...


how can u ppl insulte islam like that


go get a life , get a job! trying to get inspired from VAngogh however, you fail guys , sorry and actually the girl oh my gosh so ugly aint have a camera visage! , as a producer u have to look for the beauty that attracts the public and gives hommage to your details ,
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One must know that life on earth is not eternal and that each of us will one day, be alone with his Lord so much so that he'll think he is the only creature Allah(swt) has created.

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Manal Kara is a good actor, and I support her.


you've all came to look at these tits haven't you

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fucking christian


Ask Allah to forgive you. You will find comfort and peace when you know the real Islam. Surrendering to your creator is better than surrendering to your finite life lusts.


fuck u
Allah will Burn u in hell
u r infidel
how can u take put a Hooker with a holy book .

Manal Kara

Hey Shut Up Mahmoud I Am Perfect Let Allah Forgiveness Ask I will Ask For Forgiveness Inshallah Or Maybee Not Sooo Yeah Let Him Burn Me I Had Sex With A Boy Naked Sitting On The Quran Sooo Yeah

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loved it, will be waiting for your future posts
Thank you for sharing


LOL @ manal kara - whatever.

No need to assume someone else's name.


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