cock cook

He has some good points about eggs and milk......Its still fucking jizz though, I thought you would jizz in someones food to piss them off or revenge. I wouldnt be thinking that this jizz will go wonderfully with the riesling.


I think this article has ruined oysters for me. bastards.


How did he make the step from "i wonder what would make these crepes better??? aha of course jizz" see most people i know dont think along those lines. And at $25 for the book i think that he is lucky to have made any money.


i wanna know if there's a difference in how long between ejaculations. like you know how the second or third nut of the day is more watery and see-through? is that more like the clear part of the egg yolk?

cero tranny phat

i love how the blog photo shows an appetizing photo of "jizz on a half shell". i'm sure slurping it up raw would be the best way to get all your nutrients and great flavor!


Considering the recession it is a very cheap ingredient. Maybe it's good with jam and bread...make something useful of your morning boner.

bogart the mother fucking can

don't judge me guys, but i would try this shit under one condition. if it were my own semen. i'm not trying to injest some random dude's cream, cooked or not. and unless you haven't rubbed and tugged your member in a long time (or unless you've got king kong balls) wouldn't it take awhile to get enough jizz to cook with? oh wait, now that i think about it, my semen wouldn't be good anyway as i'm a heavy smoker.


Swallowing a dude's spunk during oral sex is one thing, but I get this weird cannibalistic feeling when I think about someone going through the time and effort of collecting, storing, preparing and cooking semen. Call me crazy.

Jim Pole

um....this is a little weird. ok very weird, i just don't want to comment but I feel like I should say something. like....nahhhh, not for me sir.


Jizzz-us! Jizzzus? lol?


Eating a chicken egg is not the same as eating a woman's sloughed endometrial lining. Plus, we've already established that the author is against cooking with blood.

Eating a woman's egg likely wouldn't be very filling at all.


i have used jizz in making cupcake icing on more than once occasion, but that was to play a joke on my unsuspecting friend and history professor....this dude has taken it to the next level. bravo

rocco sifreddi

i feel like they probably sell his book at urban outfitters


I'm no scientician, but eggs and milk usually don't have AIDs in them.


Hey Bradford, do you have any scientician friends? Ask them if AIDS (not AIDs, AIDs is plural for AID) survives being baked for 20 minutes at 450 degrees... just curious.

sanjay gupta

as a professional scientician, i can confirm that AIDs survives being baked for 20 minutes. additionally, it can be broiled for 13, bbq'd for 6, grilled for 3, and flambéd for 7.




i love you guys


The Jizz on the shells look like those soft focus photos of a waterfall - pretty !


i’ve been serving people cum recipes for years. maybe now i’ll tell them

Old enough

Jesus, I can't even bring myself to try tasting my own semen, even though nobody would ever know. But trying some strange dude's nut butter?! Dude needs to re-think his business strategy.


Pig semen dumplings, bull semen pudding, and moose semen soup are just some of the ethnic recipes utilizing animal semen. Human semen icing has frequently been used on cookies in many part of the world during Lent. Isn't ritual semenancy and semen eating a regular part of many social scenes today?? Let's get real....


Also the moose semen soup that kept the Alaskan gold rush miners alive and which remains a favorite across the state today...

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Is it possible to have king kong jumping around and surviving his
various crash landings? Why not? Please explain this in terms of
atomic physics using natural units (planck units). An answer might
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equations) and the chemical bonds in his bones. Ignore factors of 2,
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recipes semen and worse than an insult to the kitchen
is that the semen has a content of vitamins, but it is exaggerated your information


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