shit, this just made me think of that website manbeef.com, which i just discovered no longer exists, but it was a intricately put together hoax site where you could supposedly order cuts of human meat.

she should have used a picture where she doesn't look like a substitute teacher if she really wants people to eat her. look at that face, i can't eat that. a close-up of a fatty thigh on the other hand...

The Host

So it's all save the geese and save the seals and then she gets to J) and decides to declare her love for Formula One? Something smells fishy.

chef lady-ardee

ingrid looks a lot like my friend's mom that while i've certainly considered killing her, wouldn't be able to eat. she has way too much garlic in her diet. or, maybe that's in reality a good thing like flavor injections in a roast beef. wow, there sure are a lot of things to ponder being a human chef.

Paolo Simpson

I would eat this bitch....ALIVE!!!! No, seriously though, this bitch is crazy, and really no one cares what she does with her body after shes dead. I will, however, look out for her obituary and immediately go on a puppy smashing rampage in hopes of getting the ever coveted "Thumb of Ingrid" .


A bit of garlic and some fresh herbs...hmmmm...bon appetite.

Hector Lector

Dude! Hook her up with the Japanese cannibal you wrote about! Match made in heaven.


good job getting rid of the sign-up feature you motherfucking animals

i don't eat meat but this bitch is awful and i'm sure..a racist

what a dick.
it will change or improve nothing.


Aren’t there greater atrocities to focus on?


fucking metal… mayhem’s got nothing on her.

Taint meat

Dog Man X

I want so badly to eat human flesh


God I hate PETA. Acting like a fucktard is proven to, in no way what-so-ever, benefit the cause said fucktard is attempting to benefit.

Still, read this while listening to the audio, and its awesome.


Thank you so much for this post! I'm Virginia from Virginia , and I'm so excited about your Virginia is for book loervs feature! Thank you for spotlighting the gracious and talented Laura Brodie. Virginia is a state brimming with talent, history and a rich and diverse culture. Y'all come!

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