clap shitty

I think it's great that the girls from Northern State have been able to find a career other than rapping.

Dog Man X

In the center image, are those trading cards?

if you have elephantitis dick does it make your dick really fucking huge like an elephant dick or all bubbly and deformed like an acid burn? do you have any handicapped dicks for publication? crookeds? innies?


This just goes on the list of reasons why people from Virginia are seriously fucked up. why dont you girls just go back to fucking your cousins and leaving the rest of us alone. no on wants to see this. no one.

the guy cracking up in the first photo set must be wondering how he got himself into this, first the "evolve" tattoo then straight on to showing his twig and berries.........its a slippery slope.

the first picture is great because of all the empty beer bottles around the table. I guess you would have to be wasted in order to let a couple of sluts convince you to let them photograph your dick on a dinner plate


Dick experts are no fun to sleep with because they can recognize all the STDs and they don't fall for the old "oh, we don't have a condom, let me just stick the tip in" trick.

bring on the D

all the haters are just jealous because they only have balls behind a computer screen. sorry you never get laid, weenies!

eat a bowl of dick up

This is fucking amazing.

these ladies are amazing, and if you consider them sluts, then they own the title in the most respectable way. props to the ladies getting the d back on the market, us girls need some shit to jerk to! i'm proud to be a part of liger beat, even if it means just reading their blog and going to the parties.... they are on top of the game and you will see liger beat flourish and WISH they wanted to take a picture of your dick.


This is Diablo Cody will sound like when she discovers hip hop.


ladies ladies ladies. All this dick talk has got me ready to go. Watch out Vice I'm coming to your office with animal mask and I'm taking some dick fucking pics. So clean the lent from your dick holes im turning your office into a comic

tim shitty

This article thrilled me to my bone. the insight and language alone kept me reading and I will seriously consider picking up a magazine at my local depanneur. A+ Penis Girls.

yummers is always what i think when my d is standing to attention. interesting idea, but still too much penis for me.


Why is it that women are always the labeled as the sluts? Ligerbeat ladies are just frisky entrepreneurs. These dudes who let themselves be photographed for this wonderful gift to all lovers of dick are such fucking whores, and I love them for it. Yummers indeed.
Ima go fuck my cousin now.



clap shitty

I don't think they're sluts. I like their attitude, ultimately. I just think the decision to do the interview in slang makes the whole thing corny as hell and betrays hesitancy on their part to discuss this in real terms. Why should they adopt slang that they're clearly uncomfortable with?


Sluts? That dont bother me. But they are a bunch of dumb cunts, thats for sure.

Guys get BORN with little dicks, bitch. No choice in the matter. I know if I was waayyy below average Id have a hard time even exposing the lil fucker to anyone. So the courageous dudes who are like "fuck it" get your little giggle and pass-out to deal with? Be cool for christs sake and give him some love.

One day you will be old and shitty and unfashionable and any dick will be a blessing then.

Dr. Getsum

i happen to like my "evolve" tattoo, you cock sucker.

and liger beat is the shit. bitch rocked my world.


ahh i love you Dr. Getsum you are my favorite playing card. And you look adorable in your picture.


fuck yeah girls!! hustle that shit


wish i could grow the best dick in the land just for the ligerbeat ladies. the best!

shit's gross


yay, marshe!

its about time, huuurahhhh for dicks!

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