i want photos of the rocketship. are we talking like a ghetto-rigged sidecar contraption? i would've put a smoke bomb on the back to make it look official.


"A drunk driver crashed into him and totaled it."

if i was drunk and I saw a "rocket ship" on the road I think the same circumstance might have happened

What happens in the pizzas from the future episode? I need to know what new toppings are coming my way. This guy seems completely insane, or maybe just confused. I know what im going to be watching when i get home tonight. (im thinking it may get switched of pretty quick tho.)

zea mays

Jared sounds like this kid I knew in Pittsburgh who decided to change his name to Dewey. He was also a patchwork shitstorm of insane creativity.Rock on Jared in whatever the fuck you're doing.

I wanna see the show. I have a feeling if this actually caught on Tim and Eric would shit their pants.

I hope the old man keeps his channel running on the air, I hear its all that he has got left. The carla rhodes stuff is pretty funny never seen her before tho.

William Maier III

Here are some photos of Jared's Rocketship after the crash, and then before:

After: http://willev.blog.friendster.com/2006/04/the-spaceship-crashed/

Before: http://willev.blog.friendster.com/2006/03/jared-whitham-my-friend-in-hospital/

In response to the guy a few above, don't Tim and Eric already poop pants?

Will Maier

Rocketship photos:

Before crash: Before crash

The Spaceship Crashed

Henry James

usually when people get into drugs they just ended with too many Tool CDs or dreadlocks, but every once in a while drugs take a smart nerd and make them godparent material


Go Jared! I unfortunetly dont live in the nyc area but I have been a long time fan of the genius man in whom you call Jared Whitham. Oh yes, and the Chicago show, I was there and it was great....good times...google him and see where it takes you...


I will never forget my tour of the rocket ship. Jared is awesome.


Hey, here's a 4 minute video portrait I made of Jared. has some of his paintings, him playing music, and filming. From 2 years ago (round same time as the Chicago show) . . . :


the foot centipede

did the script for the garage sale movie ever get realized?

Jennifer May

Damn it!!!! I miss Jared Whitham and Gabe Galvin!!!!!!

I need to visit Brooklyn.

Matthew Buchwald

I think the show could use some fine tuning, but there's no doubt that as self-promotion it couldn't be more effective. JW is probably the best known up and coming indie in the world right now. So what's next? Small college fellowship, or a move to VHF? Forgetting artistic scruples for the moment, a lot of money is essential (but should be easily obtained); then technically advanced equipment and name professionals; then the big venue! We won't know how good the whole shebang really is, until it hits network prime time or the theaters. In the meantime I vote yes to the next step up the ladder.

Richard McNair

man so this is the dude....i first saw his show on channel 35 in bellerose queens like around 12:30 in the early morning....i smokes a blunt, came home and turned on the TV and the first thing i see is the Jared Whitham logo....man that was one psychadellic night......lololol


Next to the traffic cameras this is the best thing on television today!
I watch it on Channel 26 in New Joisey!


The Jared Whitham Channel.....
what can I say....

I am soooo addicted to the Jared Whitham Channel. What a brilliant collection of work. I am planning on taping a full cycle of the shows.

Jared, if you happen to see these posts, please don't stop doing what you are doing. I can't tell you how excited I am about your broadcast. I have been telling everyone I know to check it out.

You inspire me to create.

Skateboard Monkey

Hey Jared, I want to be your friend. Do you live in Greenpoint or around here?
I have a cable access show and I like doing improv make em ups.
What do you say?


6AM -- couldn't sleep. Flipped thru cable channels; suddenly wondered if my RCA TFT pocket LCD TV would still pick up any signals, now 45 days after the switch. Found a prayer channel, a City Drive Live simulcast, a test pattern, and you.

You are the only hope now. Fight on.


Jared, I was watching the skid where tom miller is beating on willy talk. I think you should do a revenge skid where willy talk hunts him down in the streets.1.show willy talk driving a car smoking a cigar trying to run him over and fails.2.Then show willy talk with his friend the dummy ceaser from the twilight zone as they do a drive by on tom coming out of a Mcdonalds.3.Then do a skid where willy and ceaser raid tom millers birthday party with machine gun and fail once again.Its Endless the things you can do.


Great to see others finally getting a heavy dose of Whitham. For so long, we over at mf have kept him as our own brilliant secret. Keep on talking to yourself Jared, all the friends you'll ever need are in there.


Is that true? because I've heard this is one of the best shows in the world, that's why I followed this program two years ago, I'd like to find more shows like those.

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