they are also known as lubavitchers and they go by chabad?? now i'm not jewish so there could be something i'm not privy to but i do know that lubavitchers is a jersey i would wear and chabad sounds like i'm attempting to hock up a loog.


Judaism isn’t an officially recognized religions in china?? it goes to show you the only thing advanced in Chinese society is technology, definitely not world cultures


killing kittens is nothing in china. the real question is whether or not he ate it.


"On the subject of the possible Chinese takeover of the world,... I don’t believe there’s much to worry about."

That's because the Jews are taking over.

Gary Fisher Price

"and a specific, sardonic type of humor seemingly nonexistent in China"

I think this is why I hate chinese people. We just don't mesh. I think this is also a reason to never give chinese people LSD.

peter nolan smith

glad to see everyone has on their zenophobic baseball hats tight to narrow their global vision.

dali is a pleasant town

left my camera at a cafe,

came back an hour later and the waitress gave it to me.

plus good coffee in yunnan

dali's a way station for the trip north to lijiang


"and a specific, sardonic type of humor seemingly nonexistent in China"

Such insipid rubbish. The author, like 99.9999% of the Western expat community in China, is completely clueless about Chinese society, and no doubt oblivious to most of what occurs around him.

He's been in China for only a year and already thinks he possesses the linguistic proficiency to fathom most difficult and subtle forms of verbal expression.

The author is typical of the fools that almost exclusively comprise Shanghai's expat community.
The time they spend in China is pointlessly squandered.

Kenneth Teoh

For an individual of Jewish descent who has resided in China for over two decades, Katz's knowledge of the history of Jews in China is shockingly defective.

First of all, it's highly unlikely that there were any Jews in China at all during the Han Dynasty - Iranians and Buddhist Parthians aplenty. But the Jews most likely did not arrive in China until the Tang Dynasty.

And the Jews that did migrate to China to settle permanently were Iranian Jews, not Ashkenazi Jews fleeing persecution during the Crusades.

Kenneth Teoh

"On the subject of the possible Chinese takeover of the world, with the U.S. in decline and their overburdened military spending funded by the Bank of China, I don’t believe there’s much to worry about. Case in point, when I had dinner tonight I had to ask for salt six times, and then ordered something with mushrooms, but they put all kinds of peppers in and killed the taste of the mushrooms. Or another example, there’s a fellow here named Jack, with a bar called the Cat’s Whiskers. He asked me to help with the English, so I did, but then they set up the lights so what you read at night is Cat Whiz."

Wow. Katz is an old China hand with ample experience who really knows the score. He has a couple of bad experiences with incompetent individuals in the lowest echelons of the service industry, and considers it sound empirical data for an overall generalization about levels of competence in China. Funny how Katz's expert conjectures are so thoroughly contradicted by the academic performance of Chinese students in Western countries, where they wreck the bell curve, and invariably outperform the host population by an enormous margin.

Seriously, this guy's another example of an inept and gormless expat. He's lived in China for over two decades but lacks the linguistic profiency to get a simple order right in a restaurant. Who's culpable of want of competence in these circumstance - the service staff, or the curmudgeonly foreign fool who has failed to learn the language of his adopted home?

Paul B

Kenneth, don't you get that the jewish guy is making a joke in the "sardonic type of humor" sense that the the author is talking about?

Tony Khann

It's our worst nightmare! Humourless savages that can do maths.



Disgusting Jews!! They should be kicked out of every country in the world. Filthy and godless race they are!!!


What are Jews doing in China and any other country for that matter! They should all go back to Kazaria where they came from! They are a parasitic race that destroys every country they move to!

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