what if she wrote an amazing comic book that was all about her fucked up upbringing, and her exploits in petty crime and why she cant help fucking people over because of mental health issues, how she hates medication because shes been date-raped so many times, the drawings could be all in black and white, hauntingly beautiful, heart-rendingly executed... it could be this small, perfect little true-life little comic book series that would culminate in her being outed here and vilified across the web on gawker / other most-read-sites-on-the-internet. then she commits suicide or something.
im just saying.

ps. also they could find after her death, a trove of unfinished work that would be published posthumously to massive critical acclaim and illustrated by the best graphic artists in the world.
again, im just saying (i love it when people say that on the internet)


Hahaha, way to transfer your own 8-year-old girl martyr fantasy onto a fucking con artist.

"Oh no, we just didn't understand the girl who played off our kindness until she'd completely wrecked our finances and then ran off leaving us in debt. All along it was her who was the victim."

PS: Please be Kari leaving this comment.

Gary Fisher Price

She sure as hell isn't getting by on her looks. Just look at those beefy arms, and whats with her eyes?


a sprinkling of Josie Packard? far too kind. maybe just half a grain on the bridge of her nose for her to look at.

aw crap

you realize she's probably going to commit suicide if she ever finds out people are writing this about her. just sayin

Frank DeFalco

Movie waiting to happen. Sandra Oh was made to play her.


One day, you'll all laugh about this stuff and say "I knew her when..." while you're watching the movie about her life.


The Packard reference wins my love.


I'd be happy if she'd drained my accounts. All over her tits!


Hey Vice!

I'd like a job with you. I'm a quirky, indie girl with ironic tattoos! That's my resume. I look forward to working with you!

A Coolass Indie Chick

PS: I live in Brooklyn!


ha fuck i will kill you all


saw her in prospect heights brooklyn near vanderbilt ave on 4/15/09 at ~7pm. Reported to sgt in Salt lake.

The Hose

There's no way in hell Sheriff Harry S. Truman would be seen within a mile of the Griff.


"you realize she's probably going to commit suicide if she ever finds out people are writing this about her. just sayin"

You realize she's probably going to TELL PEOPLE she's about to commit suicide and then when they come over to stop her she'll rawdog them in the hallway and a month later text them for money to pay for the abortion she now needs.

tall city

hell i live in colorado and even we know not to trust anyone from utah


Dude, complaining about Utah from Colorado is like calling the kettle black. At least we have better snow.

kool fartz


This is the magazine version of a rap beef.


This must be a dream come true for her. Finally, all the attention that she craves.


creepiest girl with the creepiest hood


i hope shes actually a proper psycho and FUCKS one of you little babies up. stabs you in the park or something. i know its wrong to tell lies and stuff but fuck, this is some really nasty in-crowd-cliq mean-girls-esq white girl bullshit you guys are doing here. you'v got a LOTTTTTTTT of power here with yr website and magazine, this is really fucking nasty. maybe you could exercise some responsibility.
unless its all fake in which case wow yr the new joaqkceanane phoeinixes and im totally and completely on yr dick


actually wtf do i care, jesus, i can go fuck myself for god sakes

as you were


Full-blown motherfucking Internet Meme! Congratulations, Kari, you fucking deadbeat.

I've been giving a little too much time and energy to regaling random strangers on the Internet about my history with the most electrifying fuck-this-demographic-meme since "Don't taze me, bro!". But, you know, fuck it. The vitriol that has been fermenting for 5 years is in need of some serious ventilation. And hey, going all mosquito von coattails on a bona fide meme is worthwhile in its own right. Sort of!

Before I get started, doesn't the tone and amount of Kari-tales flooding all 6 sites offering extensive coverage of Grifter-Gate share eerie similarities with the wave of confessionals given in the wake of the Pederast Priest Scandal/s? Weird.

Karil is a bona fide, card-carrying sociopath. I've had the misfortune of knowing her on and off for 5 years (Salt Lake City is an incestuously small place that is basically a 3rd grade story problem involving 10 people shaking hands). The first 2 weeks of knowing her went as follows:

Came on strong. I requited, sort of. ( (I was 19 and was a.) unashamed to meet girls on MySpace and b.) I was, apparently, mentally retarded until 21.)

In the first week of knowing her, she told me the following:

-She was accepted to RISD with a scholarship in New Media

-She suffered from a congenital heart defect

-She was date-raped by a boy who used the line (a personal favorite that I have used far too many times, many of them eerily un-ironic) "the pants come off now"

-She had diabetes AND pancreatic cancer

-She was the victim of SEVERAL hate crimes

-She could introduce me to my then-most favorite-ist band, The Unicorns (this despite the fact they had already been broken up for, like, a full fucking year)

This was all in the first week, as in, oh I don't know, 40 hours of conscious, lucid experience, give or take 10 or so hours of near-drunkenness and intoxication.

In reality, Kari was flunking high school, burning bridges at the slash and burn rate of retreating Nazis and running a similar scam with every human being that cared to listen. I was amused for a minute, but after having to endure yarns more noxious and ridiculous than those before it, I finally cut her off.

But, despite this, every couple of years homegirl would invade the lives of a new group of friends, generally going for the weakest of the bunch. The last time was by far the worst. She had convinced several friends (against my in-your-face "don't do it" advice) that she worked for Ticketmaster and had scored them free backstage passes to PitchFork Festival in Chicago. Of course, as it turned out, it was a complete (albeit obvious) lie. Despite this, one friend (sorry Brian) remained...loyally retarded?

After a check fraud scam went awry, honest, likable Brian bailed out Kari (again), posting bail to the tune of $6000. A month later, Kari was off to Brooklyn despite being on that little, totally un-debilitating, geographically-anchoring obstacle known as Parole. She broke parole, missed court dates etc. and left Brian in a lurch for the whole pie. He had to take a semester off school to get money together. Kind of a tragedy, actually.

Anyway,I'm glad I now have a permanent inside joke with half of the world's population. Hope you enjoy prison, again, Kari, and please, for the love of gawd, learn how to tell believable lies, or at the very least, keep track of them.

Oh, and, if you have time, die?

Anyway. I'll let go of the coattails and step off my soapbox. Take it away, trolls!


PS: Bradford, good to see you owning your internship. Living the mother-fucking dream, you are. Holler next time you're in town.


wow. wow and wow. I'm the co-owner of the 303GRAND gallery and totally missed her! Damn me!

The Erotic Stasi

Comic books suck, read a book you perpetual adolescents.

Love the Twin Peaks reference though.


Ok Derek, i stand corrected.

Its not about some nerds with serious media presence running a full blown hate campaign against someone with significant mental health issues.

Not at all.

Yep, good to see Bradfords owning his internship. Makes me feel mother fucking super, holler!

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