juicy fruit

i've known only one "kari" and she was wacko enough to make me forever wary of anyone with that name. she was my lab partner and she went from a cute virgin with a crush on me to double dongs up the ass and eight balls in a matter of weeks. i was not involved in any of this, other than the lab work.


Hah...look out for missing office supplies and the company cheque book. Sneaky little bastard.

Justine Bateman

Salt Lake City's most wanted criminal is a check bouncer? Bullshit- you know those nutjob Mormons are up to some crazy shit. I've seen Big Love!


her major offense is that tattoo


i'm rooting for her.


she looks like the marshmallow man in drag


man you guys should have hired me! i only have one warrant but its cleared up! iam a bad ass!


Is it legal to be posting this? I mean I dont know if she did anything to you guys... but this seems a bit harsh.


Legal? It's a fucking SLCPD notice, dum dum.


dumb vice retards probably hired her BECAUSE of her "cool" breast plate tattoo and her baby doll haircut. korean whore child learned long ago how to coast through life on her "image" and "looks". vice is really just getting what it deserves. i kinda wish she'd have fucked them harder. "do and don't" blow back is a bitch. try substance over image you fucking retarded, t.v. hypnotized, image hipster, fagz.


Haha. You spelled fags with a z faggot.


This is pretty hilarious.


hey clover, what is vice getting but a funny story you fagzot ?

david w an a

so this is what the fuck yall mean by irony...

James E MacDonald

Has anyone thought she might be innocent? It could all be some sort of frame up. People get cancer and then get better. I know people who are fagzots and their ok. I also know people who cant spell and use words like fagzot and their ok to. As a matter of fact I know hipsters and ho's and their ok too


she's a guilty bitch... guilty of being awesome.

god bless (insert)

this girl sucks. she hung out with me and pretended that she had cancer. i actually thought she was lying about working at vice. haha.

Gary Fischer Price

She looks like she should be dragging around a plump 5 year old boy, in no bra, shouting at an older version of herself while trying to haggle the price of some opaque sea creature people don't eat. Not working at Vice


You are the biggest piece of shit going. Your fucking rope has run out. You are reduced to relating tales of mis-hiring outlaw chinks. Kill yourself now.




I think it's hilarious that on her wanted poster, the county employee was unable to use an apostrophe properly. "Warrant's"? Warrant's what? They haven't released anything good since "Cherry Pie."


Catching Kari Ferrell would be the best VBS show of all time. Get Baby Balls on the case!!!


"Has anyone thought she might be innocent? It could all be some sort of frame up. People get cancer and then get better."

Yeah, people get better from cancer all the time. It's just like one day they're dying in a hospital bed and the next day you run into them at the bar and ask them about that cancer and they're like "What? Oh please, I got over that hours ago.


""do and don't" blow back is a bitch. try substance over image "

Try not taking jokes seriously and then getting angry about them.

adam shore

This has Chris Roberts written all over it.

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