so these folks that put cotton ball in their armpits, do they only use their arms from the elbow down?


i thought we had it bad in atlanta with no sunday alcohol sales. you'd have to buy booze on your lunch break in norway.

street drinker officinado

haha, those alcohol laws suck! I love his computer, loads of useful information. not sure about the national drinking colors though, pretty sure it just depends which is cheapest.

i have no eyes

That basketball game is hilarious, I still havent made a basket.

for reals

I love how the search engine runs on a knitting needle. Is this guy serious or was he just on a huge bender and wound up in Norway???


sheesh, it must take forever and a day to play a game of horse.


I thought Special Brew was made by St. Ides

lass table

well, nothing beats a scandinavian art festival like a out there wierdo. let use shittier things....not.

rexaw returns

you can also soak a tampon in vodka and shove it up your ass (or vagina depending on whatcha got down there)
and it will get you fucked up
little kids do it in school


Norways alcohol laws do indeed suck.
I always end up buying 2 winebottles, 12 beers and som liqour to get trough a weekend. It never does, you just get super-crazy-sealclubbing- drunk on fridays instead.


he has the most free time


i once met a man who tried making a manual search engine before google existed.

kind of ruins the point of a search engine.

blind basketball sounds like a fun new sport though.

viagra online

You're talking about active computation -- the bits going through processors. How about the mass of stored data? All of the massive storage arrays the large net players have should account for something.

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