Seizures R. Fake

Stay in Brooklyn. Please.


he wears a bape hoodie and AF1s. i can already almost paint a clear picture of this guy


yanno that just might be the first and last time you're ever in the upper east side. i mean you've seen the met right? there you go...


I laughed my ass off. Great piece!


genius. all you commenters please read the last hotlink.

Otis P. Lord

I like the painting. It's not Mars-1, but it's cool. Good article.


This is a funny satire, but the original article is even funnier.


fuck mckibben and all that new-bedford shit.

loved it


Pretty great article--but I gotta admit it the overt pretentiousness got to me at first. I'll assume its a sign of a convincing and good writer...though you might want to be less subtle next time. Cheers.


I hate the satirized Brooklynite Pareene's channeling more than the real Manhattanite that wrote that ridiculous linked article. Maybe I'm getting old, but I feel like the yuppie is less evil than the hipster.

cinco boy

Shitty satire.


I had the same experience when I first visited the Rijksmuseum, and I left with a gigantic headache!

George Trakl

This is really, really funny.


Bape hoodie?? Seriously???


Here's the deal: Alex is right, this is a seriously great painting. Anyone, hoodie-wearer or not, who gives it space and time can be moved by it.

Frank Booth

Was not into this at all until I read the link at the bottom. Then it was just like "oh."

anna l. fortenight

totally into it.


So many jokes, so few people getting them.


The painting would not appeal to a 'subset of museum goers'. After all, what do you define by a subset? In fact, the only clearly defined 'subset' is your own oh-so-cool-and-too-cool-for-you crew who rock the labels that make you street. The mastery and the patience to sit in a fucking field and paint every detail with a devotion to capture that detail with a photographic hand, as opposed to photographic apparatus, is what makes us feel small (or maybe its the fact that you had to rinse your dad's money to get into the place. It's not like you don't have the money; how much does a BAPE hoodie cost?)

Looking at that painting, who has the patience for that today? I think anyone could appreciate that, unless they have a beer bottle (possibly from the Wreck Room) shoved up their popper-laxed ass.


smashhr . the Vanity fair one was a satire, right ?
then , this one stomps that one .
poodles vs skateboards
choose the right team

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I always think these satires are too harsh, like they set up strawman hipster idiots, and that it's too easy to make fun, like trampling down high grass. Then I read the comments. Not only are people dumb, they are self-righteous.

There's no escape

Paul B

Way to copy the VF article line for line, but just in case any of your article is serious people should take note. There is a found art installation surrounded by a moat on the first floor. It's called the Temple of Dendur and it was found in Egypt. Almost directly above it is an interactive full room installation labeled Chinese Garden although none of it moves at a visible pace.


this is hilarious and surprisingly original. all of you idiots who didnt get the joke but rather instead use this as an opportunity to espouse your boring hipster hatred need to fuck off.



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