everybody knows the wire is one of the best shows to hit tv screens. and omar is the shit!


awesome awesome awesome! im from maryland so I understand how epic this interview is!!




Billy Outlaw was a gay stick up guy. HAHA


before i got into the wire i thought it must be bs how much everyone loved it and everything but boy was i wrong. best tv show ever. yes, even arrested development.


fuck that was a heavy story but i did think it was funny that the dying dude farted.


yeah, gotta admit, the farting part was like the sweetness following sour


Obama says Omar is his favorite character on the show.

Carmelo Anthony was asked what character he would be on The Wire, he said Omar.

Melo was also asked what soft drink he prefers: Mountain Dew or Mello Yello.

"Mello Yello all day."


Should have asked him - who wore a wire for the Feds - about the "Stop Snitching" campaign that's doing oh so much to keep communities safe these days.


"One guy was telling me, he’s from some island, and he say the black kids look up to Omar, Stringer Bell. Even though the show is a great show, why does it strike home to the ignorant?"

if i could ask one question of david simon it would be what he thinks of the fact that the wire at best glamorizes violence and at worst teaches criminals how to be better at their job. i love the wire but david simon is such the typical left wing hypocrite.


A hypocrit for portraying real life and raising awareness of a bitter reality that should be changed? How many criminals do you think have HBO?


I used to watch COPS with all the other guys in jail. It was like watching sports for us. We would have gone nuts over the Wire


How many criminals have HBO? A lot
How many Criminals own DVD players? a lot

It's not hard to watch a tv show


Great interview, love the wire and didnt even realize it was so closely based on real life.


i have a hard time believing this guy only killed one guy, especially given what they show omar doing.


I was hoping he would have a huge scar on his face. Still, awesome.


"Omar comin'!"


I preform rim jobs for a living!


This guy is a fag and a snitch. He probably dont go near them bangers cos theyd cap him if they saw him. he probably sucked all kinds of dicks in jail and he probably stayed an extra 8 years cos he wasn't done sucking enough dicks after 10.

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if i could ask one question of david simon it would be what he thinks of the fact that the wire at best glamorizes violence and at worst teaches criminals how to be better at their job.


Not sure how The Wire glamorizes violence. Every season is devoted to the horror/damage/depression violence creates. Season 1 with the pit crew, especially Wallace, season 2 with Zig, season 3 with the collapse of the Barksdale crew, and then seasons 4 and 5, with the school kids and the savagery of Marlo. However, the Wire does glamorize a certain archetype -- Omar. To be fair, cops in the show, especially Kima and McNulty in season 1, seem conflicted about working with him, as does Bunk later on. The whole show espouses utilitarian ethics (i.e. Hamsterdam), and the cops' decisions RE: Omar reflect that.


Dude! How could not follow up on the DAvid Simon interview and forget to as the dude about surviving the jump out of a fucking six story window.

Charlene M. Adkins

Watching the wire made remember the areas I lived in just a few years ago.It's the same thing just another state and city.They kept it very real.

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